Sathanur police investigating crude bomb explosion case recovered more crude bombs which was hided at prime accused’s associates place

Pramesh S Jain 

Continuing investigations into the crude bomb explosion case,the Sathanur police on Sunday recovered some more crude bombs which were hidden at the Prime accused associates place.

The police along with the bomb disposal squad defused the explosives while efforts are on to track down the associates identified as Jeevan who is presently on the run.

The police in the first week of August arrested 28-year-old Sachin kumar who was injured after a crude bomb he had stored in the house exploded .

Sachin and his family runs a pork shop in the village and he would used to hunt wild board using the explosives .

He had learnt the art of making low intensity explosives from his father who used to make explosives to hunt wild boars.

Sachin who sustained burn injuries is recovering and police are awaiting to ascertain more details about the source of the explosives .

Kumar owned a piggery near Harobele.He’s also said to have Harobele.He’s also said to have hunted wild boars in forest these bombs were concealed in food and keep in the forest area to attract wild boars said a senior officer.