Notorious Inter-State dreaded temple thief gang busted by Mico Layout police,17 cases detected stolen property worth Rs.3 lakhs recovered

Notorious Inter-State dreaded temple thief gang busted by Mico Layout police,17 cases detected stolen property worth Rs.3 lakhs recovered.
“Clueless case solved with the help of CCTV footage and technical investigation skills used by Mico Layout police.”
The southeast division police of Mico Layout police have arrested a notorious dreaded gang of four people for their involvement in a series of burglaries in 17 temples,in and around the city over the past couple of months.
The arrested accused have been identified as Kumar alias Baajaka (23), Manja alias Sangappa (24), Krishna (40) and Vijaya Kumar (21), all of them hailing from Mysuru.
They would visit the temples in the pretext of devotees and would check if the cash collection box was full by dropping coins. If they heard a sound, they would go in search of other temples assuming that the box was not filled. If they figured the box was full, they would study the entry and exit points to the temple and steal at night
Gang of 4 robs several temples.
Chandru Athreya,Trustee of temple told media persons that,When I arrived at the temple and examined the situation I saw that the shrine had been broken into.The two donation boxes had been taken behind the temple and broken.We called the cops immediately.when they arrived they discovered that the thieves had entered from the rear.We had made an opening in the shrine to allow natural light to fall on the deity.The thieves had broken the grill and entered the temple premises by attaching a Dhoti to the grill and used it to lower themselves down.They had also broken the locks on the doors to steal everything inside.The cops have done a good job of nabbing the accused we want to thank them for their efforts he added.
Another temple Trustee told media persons, When the priest opened the temple in the morning he noticed that all the locks had been broken he alerted everyone around the temple.The thieves had broken two of the smaller donation boxes and taken everything they had also broken the bigger donation box and taken half of the money in it.We informed the cops immediately.we thank the police team for nabbing the notorious culprits who has given us sleepless nights and said all temples must ensure that they get their donation boxes cleared timely.Even the cops have informed us about these things.CCTV is very important all expensive items must be kept safely in the temple premises he added.
The police had no clues to follow.cops were left handicapped with no clues.
DCP Southeast,Dr.M.B.Boralingaiah,told reporters,Two months back we had received two theft cases in Mico Layout police station limits.Based on complaint a special team was led by ACP Ramesh KN under the supervision of Mico Layout PI,Ajay R.M.the special team swung into action and after analysing CCTV footage and with the technical investigation skill the team managed to zeroed in the gang near attibele who were hiding in a tent house.The thieves had broken into the temples and stolen from the donation boxes.They had also stolen other valuable items that they would in and around the temple.They have been disguising themselves as devotees who work as stove repairmen.When they got the chance they would even visit the temples and conduct a recee.This gang has been involved in several robberies in Bengaluru,Mysuru,Ramanagar,Mandya and Tumakuru we have confirmed at least 17 cases against them.They have confessed to robberies in Electronic city,Mico layout,Tilak Nagar,KS Layout,Jayanagar,JP Nagar and Subramanyapura Police stations.They were very meticulous in their planning.They used several ways to find their next target.They usually stayed back near the target at night and observed if anyone would come there at night.They would also gauge how much money was in the donation boxes.To know if the donation box was full they would drop a coin into the donation box.Based on the noise and how much time it took for the coin to reach the bottom they would determine if the donation box was full or not.We were concerned as we had got at least 7 cases of temple thefts in a single month at Mico Layout but the inspector and his team have done a good job nabbing the accused at earliest.According to our preliminary investigations,we have not received any information about them breaking into houses.We are looking into the possibility that they are involved in more than twice or even thrice the times the number of cases that they have confessed to the crime.When the accused were in Mysuru they had more members in the team.Later on it was possible that some of the members left and some new members joined this team.We are also looking into the possibility that there could be another team that was connected to this one.
Vehicle Number KA 51 EJ 0785, a Luna mopped bike used to commit offence was a concrete evidence from which cops contacted the owner and got vital clues about the gang and nabbed them.
Addl CP East,Seemath Kumar Singh, told media persons that,We have arrested 4 people who have been identified as Kumar,Manja,Krishna and Vijaykumar.The 4 of them claim to be from Mysuru.But we have observed that they did not have any fixed address.They usually roamed around and set up tents wherever they planned their next heist.This was a unique case because there were no clues our team has found the accused by looking into some technical issues.During the investigation,we found that they have been involved in at least 17 cases we have also recovered around 3 lakh rupees in cash among other items like gold and silver.We are still collecting information from other districts.If we find that there are any complaints against the accused,we will offer the concerned police departments with the help they need and Finally Bengaluru Police commissioner,T Suneel Kumar has appreciated,Addl CP East,Seemanth Kumar Singh,DCP Southeast,Dr.M.B.Boralingaiah,ACP Ramesh KN,PI,Ajay.R.M,and his whole team who has done a tremendous job in nabbing the notorious inter-State dreaded criminals who has given sleepless nights to temple authority and cops to lead their lavish lifestyle they used to commit this thefts are now cooling their heels in jail he added.

Pramesh Jain