Tollywood Drugs Case: Movie bait for girls.. Net for celebrities with rave parties

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Drug links are creating a stir in the city. The names of celebrities in the film, political and business circles are causing a stir one by one.

 Sensational things in the Tollywood drugs case,
the main accused has a list of adults?


Venkataratna Reddy

Today, Hyderabad: Drug links are creating a stir in the city. The names of celebrities in the film, political and business circles are causing a stir one by one. It is known that the TSNAB police broke up the rave party at Freshliving Apartment in Madapur. Sensational matters have come to light in the remand report of the main accused Kapa Bhaskar Balaji (34), Karumuri Venkataratna Reddy (48) and Murali (43) who were arrested in this case on Friday. In the name of film opportunities, a gang of girls lured celebrities with rave parties and drugged them. It seems that they have the names of many people from the film and political circles. So far, the police have included 24 people as accused in this case. Police believe that this number is likely to increase. Their names were identified in the phone call data and WhatsApp chats of the main accused.  

What is in the remand report?

The police of Gudimalkapur were alerted by the solid information that large quantities of drugs were going to reach the city. During the investigation, it was said that he had gone to Bangalore to buy the necessary drugs for the rave party organized at the Fresh Living Service apartment in Madapur. He said that he bought it from Iguare Michael, a Nigerian there. Based on the information obtained by him, TSNAB and Gudimalkapur police checked the apartment in Madhapur. Two young women were identified who were lured for an interview saying that they would give them opportunities in movies. Senior stenographer Murali was detained at the railway station on the information given by Venkataratna Reddy.  

Venkataratnam was caught in frauds

A2 Karumuri Venkata Ratna Reddy, who was arrested in a drug case, was caught off guard by the police. Nehrunagar in Guntur is his native place. NRI, IRS officer, SP disguised as a gunman. As a DRI official, he settled the plane tickets and hotel bill with the producers. He overthrew exiles with the incarnation of Nitya’s bridegroom. More than 25 cases have been registered against Telugu actor Venkataratna Reddy. He was arrested and sent to jail in the cases of fake documents, land sales, prostitution activities and fake passports in the joint Krishna and Guntur districts. The police have confirmed that the producer is forcing young girls into prostitution by pretending to give them movie opportunities. In the latest investigation, it has been found that young women and minors are being lured to the city and they are throwing a trap to celebrities in the film, political and business circles in rave parties.