Remote Mobile Camps at Government Camps at Ramp Door for Specially Abled people at West Bengal

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata: State Government administration directed all the district administrations to ensure that various government projects and services reach the common people from Duare Sarkar (government at doorsteps)  camps. Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi held a virtual meeting with the district magistrates of all districts to prepare the government program for the fifth phase.  The instructions are mentioned here. Adequate service infrastructure should be prepared in each camp. Mobile camps should be organized in hilly areas, various fringe areas of Sundarbans. Ramps should be constructed in camps for specially abled persons. The month-long Duare government program is starting in the state from Tuesday. This is probably the last door-to-door government camp before the Panchayat elections.The state government has already announced that twenty seven services will be provided from the camps this time. From the same day, the ‘ParayaySolhu’ program is also being launched to quickly solve local problems. So far around 5.6 million people across the state have been benefited through government camps in Duare The government has launched the ‘Duare Sarkar’ scheme to provide the benefits of various schemes to the common people of the state under one umbrella.The benefits of 25 government schemes, including food mates, student credit cards, self-help groups credit linkage, have also increased from this time. * From 1st November to 30th November government will be camping at different places in Duar. The state has already issued guidelines that all applications must be disposed of by December 31.