Court orders CBI probeon Sudipta Sens letter against Suvendu Adhikary in Kanthi municipality case

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:-Response to TMC’s Kunal Ghosh’s appeal. The court directed the CBI to send a letter written by Saradhakar on kanthi municipality to the CBI for investigation.A few days ago, the Sarda (Sardha) official had alleged that he had deposited Rs 50 lakh in the Kanthi Municipal Corporation for the construction of multi-storeys. He also built a labour market at a cost of lakhs of rupees. Even after that, Suvendu did not pass the multi-storey plan. “Suvendu Adhikari has raised money in many ways. We had deposited Rs 50 lakh with the Kanthi Municipal Corporation to build a high-rise (multi-storey) in Kantai (Kanthi). He did all the work. Even when we finished the labour market, he did not pass our plan.”.Sudipta Sen also claimed, “He had taken Rs 90 lakh earlier. I deposited money with the Kontai Municipality. Later, Saradha chief Sudipta Sen, while appearing before the trial court, took Suvendu Adhikari to task. In the prisoners’ petition from presidency correctional home, he wrote a letter through the welfare officer giving details of how and how much money was collected by leader of opposition in the state Suvendu Adhikari.Ghosh’s lawyer Ayan Chakraborty had filed a petition in the CMM court seeking an inquiry into the letter written by Saradhakar. The court, after hearing, decided to refer the matter to the CBI. Tmc spokesperson and state general secretary Kunal Ghosh had earlier said, “There is already evidence that Sudipta Sen had given a bank draft to kanthi municipality. And Suvendu himself is quite influential.He is not only the leader of the opposition, but he also tells in advance whose house the CBI will go to investigate. He was an MP and now the leader of the ruling party at the Centre, so he can influence the investigation. Our only demand is that if the state police arrest Suvendu immediately, the investigation will continue smoothly. ’’