Vipin Gaur, General Secretary of the NAI, Honored with Honorary Doctorate

The Newspaper Association of India’s General Secretary, Mr. Vipin Gaur, was bestowed with an Honorary Doctorate from the esteemed Global Human Peace University (GHPU), based in the United States. The recognition was presented to Mr. Gaur by the Chairman of GHPU, Dr. P Manual, in a grand ceremony held at the prestigious Ambedkar Auditorium in Andhra Pradesh Bhawan, New Delhi.

The event was graced by eminent personalities from various domains, including Retired Judge K. Venkateshan from Tamil Nadu, who served as the Vice Chancellor, and retired IAS officer and former Principal Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Government, Mr. Sampat Kumar. Their presence added to the significance of the occasion, making it a memorable affair.

The Honorary Doctorate bestowed upon Mr. Vipin Gaur acknowledges his exceptional contributions to the field of journalism and his relentless efforts in promoting freedom of the press. As the General Secretary of the Newspaper Association of India, Mr. Gaur has been instrumental in advocating for the rights and welfare of journalists across the country. His unwavering commitment to upholding journalistic ethics and ensuring the dissemination of unbiased news has earned him widespread respect and recognition.

Dr. P Manual, Chairman of GHPU, praised Mr. Gaur’s exemplary leadership and his commitment to the values of truth and integrity. He highlighted the crucial role played by journalists in a democratic society and emphasized the need to support and honor those who strive to maintain journalistic excellence.

Expressing his gratitude, Mr. Vipin Gaur dedicated the Honorary Doctorate to all journalists who tirelessly work to uncover the truth and keep the public informed. He stressed the importance of preserving press freedom and safeguarding the rights of journalists, urging the government and society to ensure a conducive environment for the media to thrive.

Retired Judge K. Venkateshan and Mr. Sampat Kumar also commended Mr. Gaur’s accomplishments and applauded his unwavering dedication to the journalism profession. They highlighted the critical role played by the media in shaping public opinion and fostering transparency in governance.

The felicitation ceremony witnessed an overwhelming response from the attendees, who acknowledged Mr. Gaur’s indomitable spirit and his significant contributions to journalism. The occasion served as an inspiration for aspiring journalists and professionals in the field, reaffirming the importance of integrity, ethics, and the pursuit of truth in the realm of journalism.

The Newspaper Association of India, along with the wider journalistic community, extends their heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Vipin Gaur on this remarkable achievement. His Honorary Doctorate from the Global Human Peace University stands as a testament to his exceptional dedication and invaluable contributions to the field of journalism.