Twitter User Shares Photo of Cops Riding Scooter Without Helmet,BTP Responds

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

A Woman Police Sub Inspector was riding pillion on motorcycle without helmet was captured by a motorist and put up a post questioning the enforcement agency, which went viral on social media .

The pic where WPSI was riding pillion on motorcycle and stopped at a junction was captured and a post was put out on social media,tagging senior police officer with a message.

Law should be equal to everyone.Why no action against the erring police officials when the traffic police catch poor food delivery executives and other motorists for not wearing helmet .

As the picture went viral,senior police officials took cognizance and asked the jurisdictional Cubbon park traffic police to take necessary action.

The police track down the officer based on the registration number of the bike and slapped a fine with a warning to wear helmet while riding motorcycle.

It may be recalled that traffic department had issued a directions to the traffic police to wear full face and ISI mark helmet compulsorily,after a drive was launched against bikers wearing sub standard helmets instead of sub standard half helmet.

Many police personnel including the cheetah patrolling riders expressed practical difficulties in handling communication devised while riding bikes .

A senior police officers said that there are exceptions for the policemen in some cases while others who are riding bikes should wear full face standard helmets with strap send a message of “practice before preach”, a police officer, added.