Notorious Women thief posing as devotee arrested by KP Agrahara police stolen valuables Worth Rs.20,000 Recovered

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The KP Agrahara police have arrested a 32 year old woman who was stealing valuables from jain temples posing as devotee stolen property Worth Rs.20,000 recovered.

The accused has been identified as,Munni Banu resident of Shamanna garden in guddadahalli area.

Senior officer told media persons,a complaint was filed by temple authority stating that a woman posing as devotee entered temple premises and when no one was in temple she has escaped with temple property.

Based on the complaint the KP Agrahara police inspector,Sadananda M and his team swung into action and visited the temple and after inspecting the area DCP West,Dr Sanjeev M Patil formed a special team to nab the woman and based on vital clue the crime team zeroed in one lady.

The accused Munni Banu,resident of Shamanna garden was jain converted to islam after marrying a muslim man.

The accused was living with husband and children in Shamanna garden.She told the police that she had financial problems to eke out a living and hence took to stealing.

Since she knew about the customs of jainism she would access into jain temples and would steal valuables.

Using the MO she had taken the bag containing silver article belonging to Inderchand,worth Rs 20,000,who had come to pray in the temple.

Based on his complaint the KP Agrahara police analyzed the CCTV footage and zeroed in on Munni banu and recovered the stolen articles . inquiries revealed that Munni Banu was involved in three theft cases in the temple earlier also and further investigation is on he added.

Finally Bengaluru City Police Commissioner, Kamal Pant has appreciated Addl CP West, Soumendhu Mukherjee,DCP West,Dr Sanjeev M Patil ACP P Ravikumar PI,Sadananda M,PSI, Ravikumar,and his crime team for the tremendous work done by them in nabbing the notorious woman who posing as devotee has commited theft in temple premises a suitable reward will be given to the team he added.