Woman’s throat slit by her colleague for rejecting marriage proposal,succumbs,accused arrested by Kengeri police

Yogesh K Porwar.Avanth Kumar Kankaria

In another shocking crime reported from Bengaluru,a youth in Bengaluru on Monday stabbed his former co-worker right on a road after she rejected his marriage proposal again, police said.

A 23-year-old woman was stabbed to death by her colleague while she was on her way to work on Doddabele road in Kengeri on Monday morning.

After stabbing Anitha,23,the accused identified as Venkatesh 27,with the help of her colleagues took her to the hospital where the doctors declared her dead.

Senior officer as DCP West,Dr Sanjeev M Patil with,ACP, UD Krishna Kumar and other team visited the spot and after collecting information about the incident he said both the deceased and accused were working in a FMCG firm and staying in a accomodation provided by the company along with other employees.

Anitha and the accused Venkatesh are from neighbouring Andhra Pradesh and working for the firm for the last two years.

Inquiried revealed that Venkatesh had proposed to Anitha for marriage but Anitha refused as his parents did not approve of the relationship.

Anitha reportedly told him that she was married off to her relative while she was minor.

The accused tried to convince Anitha but she declined his proposal.Enraged by this the accused who was also stayed in a male accomodation facility,followed her and had an argument over the same issue.

In the melee the accused pulled out a knife and slashed her neck and later with the help of his colleagues took the profusely bleeding Anitha to hospital where she was declared dead.

The accused had purchased a knife from a near-by shop which indicated that it was a planned crime,a police officer said .

The Kengeri police have taken the accused into custody and recovered the knife from the scene of crime for further investigation.

Even as the horrific Mysuru gang rape still figures in the headlines,there have been a number of such cases in Karnataka in the recent period.

Just last week,a jilted lover had repeatedly stabbed a woman college student in Bengaluru for spurning him time and again.In Mysuru,a gang of robbers,emerging with their haul from a jewellery shop,had shot and killed a passerby on the fears that he could identify them or foil their escape.