Conman becomes PG inmate steals mobile,debit card to avail loan in Bengaluru

Dr B Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The Wilson garden police are on the lookout for a man who stole a mobile phone and debit card from a private firm employee from the Paying Guest accommodation he was living .

Senior officer told reporters,The accused met the victim,Sethuram at Amaravathy Paying guest accommodation and agreed to stay in his room to share the rent.

He spent few hours and become close,While Sethuram was busy in his daily chores,the accused picked up the mobile phone and debit card of Sethuram and escaped .

Minutes later the accused using the mobile phone and debit card,applied for a quick loan of Rs.3.2 lakh and managed to withdrew Rs.1.3 lakh before Sethuram got the account freezed.

The Wilson garden police have registered a case under cheating and theft said that this is a new level of cheating people should take precautions before becoming close to any strangers.