Use knowledge for the benefit of society,country, opines CM Bommai

Dr B Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai opined that knowledge must be used for goodness of society,country and world.

Speaking at a function organised in connection with Teachers’ Day celebrations organised by Department of Higher Education’s College and Technology Education at Jnanajyothi auditorium in Central College here on Monday,he said there will be many things to learn from the children.

Children and teachers will have their own level of intelligence,and that need to be respected.The teachers must see their success in the success of the students.

The good things which they do will help to develop good thinking.Death is not an end for an achiever but the real achiever is one who lives after death.

Being remain in the hearts of people is the quality of a real achiever.Success is different, achievement is different.

If your success and achievement are helpful for the people then it is a real achievement.”Your knowledge must be used for the goodness of the country,society and world.

Bommai said the government is committed to development of higher education and New Education Policy has been effectively implemented in Karnataka.

The NEP is a policy which will teach lessons of life and it has been formulated after a detailed and comprehensive study.

The students of Karnataka have made it success.

A new history has been written in the field of higher education through the New Education Policy, he added.

Bommai underscored the need for creating inquisitiveness among the kids and said teachers teach discipline in children and teachers are the lifeline of the education field.

They must do the job of filling inquisitiveness in students. There is a need to find out the meaning for logical and philosophical.

The students have right to question than teachers.It is possible to witness a big change when this system is implemented.Science and philosophy are like two faces of a coin.

Teachers will play an important role in protecting the health of society and morality.Parents handover their children to teachers.

The children take the shape how their teachers chisel them.The kids have the big strength and that must be focused in the right direction.

The present day teachers are having the competition with goggle.There is an atmosphere of technology-driven life,and morality was coming along with technicality.

What’s the future of children is a biggest challenge, he added.

The CM said there was no doubt in the thinking of Swami Vivekananda,and teachers must have it.Clarity is very important in their thinking and then only the students will believe them.They must learn to talk logical so that students will remember their teachers ever.