A mistake has been made’, the chief minister expressed her regret about the SSC Scam-gave the message to build  ‘moral character’

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:Today, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was present at Biswa Bangla premises on Teacher’s Day. Along with the state’s constructive work in the field of education, he targeted the opposition on this day. This topic comes up when discussing moral action.The Chief Minister said on Monday, “Teachers are the builders of society in the country. Greetings to all teachers. I request them to take the responsibility of forming the moral character of the students. We must turn bad people into good people.Teachers are our pride;they may study outside of the state butlet everyone come back here,’ said the Chief Minister. Secondary, Higher Secondary and J Merit students of Joint Entrance were felicitated from the stage of this year’s Teacher’s Day program. According to the School Education Department, students in the top 10 of secondary and higher secondary examinations, top five in CBSE ICSE and ISC in 10th and 12th, and joint engineering students, as well as in the top 100 in secondary and higher secondary among SC and ST students are being felicitated. Today the Chief Minister gave the reception.On this day, the Chief Minister presented the honor of education to a total of 61 teachers of the state. Out of which 10 teachers were honored by the Chief Minister at the Biswa Bangla Mela premises. The remaining 51 teachers and principals from different districts will be awarded by the District Magistrates of different districts.

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said from this stage on Teacher’s Day at BiswaBangla fair grounds, “We need to know the history of our country, religious neutrality.” Bengal will take over the world one day with talent. Teachers are our pride. Studying abroad, let everyone come back here. Teachers are our pride. I congratulate them. They are creating our society. The way teachers are preparing students, the whole world will one day be filled with the talent of Bengal.On corruption and moral education, she said on this day, ‘Money is there today, it will run out tomorrow, but we must make and build moral character. How greedy I will be depending on me. Five fingers are not equal. There are good and bad people in such a society. If someone is bad in the society, not everyone can be called bad. Jackfruit grows on jackfruit trees. Jackfruit trees do not bear mangoes. Sometimes even good people go astray. People do a lot of bad things in influence.

‘On the development of the state in the education sector, she said on this day, ‘1 crore 21 lakh boys and girls have received scholarships. We are number one in skill education. 89 thousand teachers will be appointed. Everything is ready. Job processing takes time.