Conman poses as prospective flatmate steals phone, Rs.50k

Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

The Amruthahalli police are on the lookout for a conman who posing to share the apartment with a bank employee stole his phone to steal Rs. 50,000 through Unified payment interface .

The victim,Ashutosh Mishra,employee with a private bank and staying in an apartment on rent in Byatarayanapura.

According to the police,he had placed the Ad on his social media account offering to share the apartment to save some money from the rent he was paying .

On Saturday the accused identified as Anvesh, claiming to be techie,approached him and even visited the apartment to check.

After staying for few minuted he agreed to check in and went out to get his luggage. Few minutes after Anvesh left,Ashutosh realized his mobile phone is missing and tried to call but it was switched off .
He immediately checked his bank account which was linked to mobile and found Rs.50,000 was debited .

The police are now trying to track down Anvesh through the social ID account and the transaction he had made.

Police advised people to be very careful with the mobile phones and report immediately and get it blocked their bank account in case of loss or theft of phones.