Whatever Siddaramaiah says is not the ultimate truth

Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

Whatever former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah says is not the ultimate truth(Vedavakya),Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

Speaking to media persons in Bengaluru Bommai said 32 serial killings had happened during Sidddaramaiah’s regime.What was he doing then? Bommai asked.

It is not right to indulge in politics over every issue.His statements have no significance, Bommai added.

Activists of PFI and SDPI were involved in the attempt to murder on Congress MLA Tanveer Sait.

But the Siddaramaiah government freed about 200 activists of PFI and SDPI.They are again indulging in heinous acts now.Siddaramaiah issues only statements,Bommai said.

The state government is taking swift action, Bommai said.Reacting to the allegation that BJP is funding PFI and SDPI,Bommai said,it is a laughable statement.It reflects the political bankruptcy of Congress.

There is no need for any minister to resign.This is the time to stand united and take tough actions.”