Serial accident on Peenya flyover four vehicles damaged

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar



raffic movement on the busy Peenya flyover was disrupted for sometime when a speeding vehicle in order to avoid highway patrolling vehicle removing banners on Monday.

The incident occurred at around 11.30 am when the highway patrolling vehicle stopped in the middle of the flyover removing the banners of put up along the median to wish MLA S R Vishwanath for his birthday.

A speeding car moving towards Tumakuru,failed to notice the patrolling vehicle,lost control in a bid to avoid collision and rammed into the divider .

The other vehicles following the car screeched to the halt and collided with each other .

In the melee,an elderly woman sustained minor injuries,while others escaped unhurt.As many as four cars were damaged in the serial accident, but no one filed a complaint so far,a police officer, said.

The Peenya traffic police rushed to the spot and pulled out the damaged vehicles to ease the traffic flow.

As people put up the video of serial accident of social media,people vent their ire on the politicians putting up banners despite high court order against the use of banners said a police officer.