Govt will revise the compensation of contract workers soon: Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar

Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

Govt committed to fulfilling the demands of contact workers to the extent feasible: Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar

H ealth Minister Dr K Sudhakar meets and assures protesting contract workers of health and medical education departments

Govt will soon revise the compensation of the contract and outsourced workers employed in the Health and Medical Education department,” said Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar after meeting with the workers who are on strike at Bengaluru freedom park.

Additionally,Dr Sudhakar stated that the government will also take measures to fulfill other demands of contract workers including health insurance coverage,10 days paid leave per year,maternity and paternity benefits.

He further assured protesters that the government will take all necessary measures within its ability,as soon as possible,to fulfill the demands and implement Srinivasachari report.

The protesting contract workers have placed a demand that their wages should be equivalent to permanent employees.

The Union and State Governments have taken up 49 programs jointly for a given period of time.

Hence,it is difficult to make them permanent employees.However I assure that all efforts will be made to increase the wage,said Minister Sudhakar.

The protesters have also demanded extension of the health insurance scheme and 10 days of paid leave.

The government will make a sincere effort to fulfill all the demands of the contract workers.

The government is committed to protect the interests of all workers within the limitations of the state govt.

People have placed a lot of trust in the Public Healthcare system.Healthcare cannot be provided by mere physical infrastructure.

It is the doctors and healthcare workers and their efforts that will ensure delivery of healthcare services to every citizen.It is impossible for us to progress by hurting the workers,said Minister Sudhakar.

There are some legal and technical difficulties to fulfill certain demands.The government will take a comprehensive view of the issues and try to fulfill as many demands as possible.

Karnataka is one of the leading states in the entire country in terms of healthcare and we must further work to strengthen it,said Minister Sudhakar.

He requested all the protesting workers to end their strike and resume their services.