Tamilnadu gang on the prowl targetting residential apartments in Bengaluru kingpin held

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankariya


he Sampigehalli police has busted a gang and a arrested a kingpin of the racket whose main target were gold ornaments.

Senior officer said,Barge into the apartment look for only gold which they could carry in pockets easily.

Thry are trained so hard and flexible that they can do summer sault and jump,leap hopp and gain entry into the apartment through slide windows.

The accused pull over masks whenever they spot CCTV.

Kingpin of the gang was however trapped by sampigehalli police.

The accused Ishairaj involved in thefts in 21 apartments.

The money they would spend on women and liquor and stay in expensive hotels.

The gang has strict rule of no phones since have fear of getting caught.

The police are now on the lookout for other members of the gang.