Two African National arrested online cheating racket busted by Northeast CEN Police

Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

The Northeast cyber crime police team busted another online cheating racket and caught two African nationals who were sourcing debit cards from locals Tripura state to use the cheating amount to be diverted to these accounts.

The accused has been identified as,Adje Ange Alpride Adoni and his associates Fasoein Avaloho hailing from Africa.

Senior officer told reporters,based on the tip off, a team of officials led by PSI,Ramana Gowda and his team intercepted Adje Ange Alpride Adoni and his associates Fasoein Avaloho while they were heading to a private courier company at Kogilu cross to receive the parcel .

Sensing trouble Avaloho smashed his phone on the road but the police managed to recover Adoni’s two mobile phones and recovered courier tracking number .

Based on the tracking details the police went to a private courier office and got the parcel which contained five debit cards stuffed in a box.

During investigation the accused confessed the crime and it is revealed that they are suspected to be running online cheating racket and diverting the money to the bank account,which they have sourced from their local contacts in Tripura.

The accused have been booked under various sections of Foreigners act and IT Act and taken them into custody for further investigations.