Goons attack shop keepers,cops watch haplessly in Bengaluru

Pramesh S Jain 


ity market police in the dock allegedly supporting a group of people claiming ownership barged into a shopping complex and ransacked the premises and beat up the shop keepers and staff when they tried to resist on BVK Iyengar road in a broad daylight in the busy BVK Iyengar road on May 7.

B Vimalchand,a 62-year-old businessman later filed a complaint with the city market police against the group saying that they had even carried the machinery and started breaking the shutters and demolishing the part of the building to create fear psychosis.

Though police reached the spot and watched the incident as mute spectators,they did not act despite the aggrieved shop keepers and staff ask their help to stop.

The accused claimed that they have bought over the property and asked the shop keepers to vacate .

There were no intimation no notice and the attack was all of a sudden,Ghanshyam Ji, another shop keeper,who runs a pan shop,said, The victims rushed to senior police officers seeking help but he was asking as to get the court order to stay eviction.

How can we arrange the illegal eviction and get the court order immediately,a shop keeper said adding that even the people did not have court order and the police allowed them,he added.

The accused not only damaged the property but also destroyed the material at the shop.

As per the procedure as per law if at all a shopkeeper is not paying rent or they want to vacate the tenant they should get court order to eviction and a notice to be served and if eviction order is granted a court Ameen and local police will get direction from court to vacate the property as per law but not illegally forcibly entering the shop.

As the vicitm Shop owner claimed in his complaint to police when they said it is a civil matter the complainant gave in writting a reply to cops that vandalism and breaking shutters and taking materials and TV, computer from the shop is civil matter he questions cops and allege that despite knocking the doors of senior officers he is not getting justice.

They threatening us with dire consequences if we get into the shop,another shop keeper added.

The shop keepers have approached the MP,PC Mohan and the Lokayukta seeking justice .

The shop keepers had prior knowledge of the attack and complained to the police that they are apprehensive about the attack, the police did not act on the complaint but also registered the complaint as non cognizible as NCR complaint .

After much pressure when the complaint is filed the shop keepers are running from pillar to post to get justice .

The police have not taken any legal action against the accused despite they are booked under serious charges.

Sources said there is two more shops which got evicted like this only in last six months but cops are not taking any seriousness about it .