BJP MLA Arvind Limbavali daughter misbehaves with cops;Police made her to pay Rs.10,000 fine amount

Pramesh S Jain & Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)


JP leader Aravind limbavali daughter misbehaved with traffic cops after she was stopped by traffic for over speeding on Rajbhavan road on Thursday.

She along with her friends was over speeding and taking over a car belonging to senior police officer in rash and negligent manner when the high grounds police stopped the car.

She shouted threatened and misbehave with traffic police and even attacked the camera of a journalist while he was recording her argument with police.

She later revealed that she was the daughter of BJP MLA Arvind Limbavali and argued with the police that she was not driving rashly.

Journalists cameras at the spot to cover a BJP event captured the entire argument,to which she took objection to as well.

However,the police did not budge.When checked, there were a few pending cases against the vehicle amounting to Rs.9000.

Over that,she was levied a fine of Rs.1000 for rash and negligent driving.

She paid a fine of Rs.10,000 and left the spot eventually,” a senior traffic police officer said.

Meanwhile Commissioner of police C H Pratap Reddy collected information from the senior traffic officer about the incident and has seeked a detailed report about the incident.

The police slapped a fine and warned her ro behave politely while she continues to rant against the police and left in jiffy.

Later in the day, Mr.Limbavali said that he would apologise if his daughter’s behaviour had hurt anyone.