The Border Wing Home Guards (BWHG) was raised as a voluntary organisation on 06 December 1962 with “Selfless Service” as motto. To prepare & train individuals from BWHG for their primary role of providing protection to vital installations and vulnerable areas during break out of hostilities, a three week training capsule was conducted for Number 1 Battalion of BWHG located in Barmer District by Golden Katar Division of Desert Corps.

A total of 144 BWHG soldiers participated in the training capsule which included lectures, demonstrations, practice and training of various activities for discharging their primary duties. The outdoor training included rifle firing, tactical movements and conduct of small team operations in Built-up Areas. The training provided impetus in achieving enhanced cohesiveness for conduct of operations with focus on symbiotic integration and professional enhancement of capabilities of BWHG. The training refined procedures and functional requirements of synergetic application of BWHG in operations with Army in conventional & non-conventional scenarios including times of natural and artificial disasters as a part of HADR (Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief) columns.