Cases against CBI?

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana( Andhra Pradesh)


  • Threats of bombing if Kadapa does not leave
  • The only leader who could kill Baba
  • Ax as a heart attack 
  • This is what March says … Babu fires on Jagan
  • Rapes have increased since the arrival of this CM
  • Drugs and marijuana are rampant
  • He did not suffer the suffering of the people
  • I have seen many chief ministers
  • Never seen a CM so exhausted
  • Uriko made psycho
  • Mass movement should come from the heap: Babu

Gudupalle:TDP chief and former CM Chandrababu was incensed that Jagan was the only leader capable of killing Baba. He is also the only leader who can turn an ax into a heart attack. He toured his own constituency pile for a second day Thursday. Gudupalle Mandal spoke in Pogurupalle. ‘Cases are being filed against the CBI, which is probing the Vivekananda Reddy murder case. They are threatening to bomb Kadapa district if they do not leave. Despite all this, the useless police system is unable to take action. I have respect for the police system. But some police are harassing TDP activists to appease the ruling party leaders. With the advent of this idiot (Jagan) the atrocities in the state increased. Recently in his home district Proddatur, an OSC woman was gang-raped by ten people but was ignored by the police.

Similar incidents of rape continue to take place on a daily basis in the state. “Drugs and marijuana are rampant everywhere and harassment is on the rise.” Parents should raise their children well. It is natural for women Home Minister to say that such incidents happen occasionally.

It is flagged that the electricity bills have doubled .. It takes courage to raise it like that, Jagan is the only fool who has such courage. ‘People don’t suffer. Countless .. I have seen many CMs. I have never seen a Chief Minister who was beheaded like Jagan. Not sold this year. I have been giving scholarships to students since before I was born. He is putting money in the mothers’ accounts under the names of education blessing and accommodation blessing as if he is raising himself anew. It must be paid back to educational institutions. That money is being misused by putting it in the mothers ’accounts. Wise students are dropping out of school because of these vicious policies. Announces annual job calendar .. Jobless calendar did. He is cheating the unemployed. ‘

Unable to complete 12% .. 

Although 12 per cent of the pending Handri-Neva works have not been completed .. Chandrababu Eddewa told Jagan that three capitals will be built. ‘Amravati was destroyed. If Polavaram brings water to Krishna and Penna rivers, the word drought will not be heard in the state. Connecting rivers is my dream. Jagan‌ was the man who eventually destroyed even Polavaram, if he proceeded to connect the lineage to Penna and make the state greener. Uriko made psycho. A statewide public movement should come from the heap. ‘ Chandrababu reminded that he had given Rs 5k meal to the poor through his canteen. If possible, Jagan should keep only Rs. Jagan, who said that he would give Rs 1 lakh if he gave Rs 50,000 for the wedding, was criticized for canceling it.

There was a mistake in the municipal election 

‘There was a small mistake in the pile in the municipal election. Hoping for a thousand, two thousand, some made a slight mistake. Jagan‌ mocks me over and over again for supporting it. I have preached all over the world about the honesty of the heap people. Eventually that honesty was tarnished by the election results. There is also my deficit in this. It would have been nice to come for three months and coordinate with the leaders and have you together, ‘said Chandrababu. About 30 youths from Pogurupalle joined TDP from YCP.

Complaint of Dravida Varsity students

The Chandrababu convoy going from Kuppam to Pogurupalle was stopped by students and staff at Dravida University. He alleged that the university was behaving as if his mother-in-law was Venugopal Reddy, the registrar of property. Staff were angry that the authorities did not care as YCP leaders were operating quarries on the varsity campus. The students complained that there were no facilities at the varsity, no new courses were being introduced and no reasons had been given so far for food poisoning. Shahi Garments workers in Kuppam complained to Chandrababu that they were not being paid. His three-day tour ends on Friday