Scholarships for those pursuing higher education in Japan

-Kiran Galla

The Japanese Consulate in Chennai revealed

HYDERABAD: Students from other southern states, including Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, who are pursuing higher education in Japan, will be offered scholarships on behalf of their national education, culture, sports, science and technology ministry, the Japanese Consulate General in Chennai said in a statement on Tuesday. Students enrolled in the Undergraduate (5 years), College of Technology (4 years), and Specialized Training‌ College (3 years) courses starting in April will receive scholarships for the year 2023. The scholarship reveals that there is a stipend of about Rs.70,000 per month in Indian currency. It is suggested to apply by the 27th of this month. For more details link to the Japanese Embassy, New Delhi or the Consulate-General of Japan Home Page