Social networking now incentivized in Metaverse

~Flurt, a social networking app, backed by crypto is launching in 2022~
6th March, New Delhi: In a first among a series of events, the first of its kind project called Flurt was being launched. Ideated and founded in 2021 Flurt is an app that will connect people through the Metaverse, backed by crypto. Flurt aims to take the industry by storm through value additions of for its users, both in the online and offline modes. –
It aims to pioneer meetups, boot camps, games, events, and romantic social gathering–Improving the virtual and real dating experiences for users, in the metaverse. It aims at mass level integration of platforms, e-commerce operators, gamification & enjoyable communications to enrich socializing experiences.
Users, while romantically socializing will be able to take part in various activities together and immerse themselves in virtual reality. You can go for a cozy ride to the Moon or step into a Casino in the Flurt metaverse.
Speaking at the event about the brand objective, Siddhant Pandey CEO & Co-Founder, Flurt, says, “As a platform Flurt seeks to connect, immerse and empower its users with an opportunity to earn redeemable crypto tokens throughout a chain of hospitality outlets, across the country. We are also thankful of finding great partners who are working with us in synergy to help bring Flurt to life”.
It aims to bring utility for its partnering brands and businesses, by giving them the exposure of metaverse and promoting their merchandise. With the inclusive community, the application aims to bring sustainable tokenomics, transparent operations from the team’s end to continuously evolve and enhance the token usage. Gangstar Club along with the Parina Group, which has promised to support the creation of the Flurt metaverse. Parina Group will also be building a shopping mall dome, a club and much more. Flurt metaverse will also be supported by M3M, who will build various spaces within the metaverse.
Flurt aims to leverage Human Psychology and Blockchain Technology to provide the richest romantic socializing experience. To do so, Flurt will use a queueing algorithm to mirror dating experiences in real life. On the Flurt Network, one can join a queue/line to connect with other users they like. This is the minimum guarantee that is being offered. If this user, in whose queue/line you are waiting, does not interact Flurt does not charge. It only charges when the minimum guarantee is delivered.
It also has a governance mechanism in place to ensure our users are safe from scams, catfishing, or unhealthy culture. In the Flurt Network, a community governance mechanism is used to verify new users. This ensures that no user stays on board against community decisions. This process will allow users to anonymously verify new users, decide on community disputes and vote on new updates in the community guidelines.
The brand launch event was supported by Fat Lulu and People of Tomorrow as food and refreshments partner. The legal partners for the event were Tygar Law Corporate.
The app which has already created a lot of buzz, is currently under development will be launched soon and it’ll be available on the App Store and the Google Play store.

About Flurt:
Flurt is a networking app that leverages human psychology and blockchain technology to provide the richest connecting experience. It aims to take the networking app industry by storm through value additions of introducing it into the world of crypto tokens and metaverse.