Pothole filling work by modern technology machine inspected by Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Pothole filling work in the major roads like Arterial,Sub Arterial and also in ward roads is in finishing stage.

Today, the filling up of potholes by using Python machine in the roads in East zone was inspected by BBMP Chief Commissioner Sri Gaurav Gupta.

Python machine,a specially equipped,pothole patching machine is being used to fill up the potholes in 122 roads (total 180 kms) including 17 roads in East zone,37 in West zone,32 in South zone,8 in RR Nagar zone and 28 sub arterial roads.

Accordingly,today, the works carried out by Python machine in MG Road,Cubbon road was inspected by the Chief Commissioner.

BBMP’s senior officials are instructed to ensure no potholes in the roads where the python machines are deployed to work.

Executive Engineer Geetha (East division- Road infrastructure) and other concerned officials were present during the inspection.