ELECTION’S IN BRITAIN : Who Achieved What?

Deeksha Negi
On 8th June the destiny of Britain was boxed down in it’s ballot boxes and was disclosed to the world on 9th June . This time the conservative party has won over 319 seats while the labour party has been able to secure 261 seats out of 600 seats . Although there are 650 seats in the house of commens which reduced to 600 as the elections were fought before the planned changes. Prime Minister Theresa may’s conservative party is just at a distance of 7 seats to come in power but still for the time none of the two stronger political parties have been able to secure a minimum of 331 seats needed to pave their way to the parliament. May used the same policy of snap polls , applied by Indira Gandhi and Margret Thacher during their period of rule and announced the general elections to be held 3 years before,  they were actually going to be conducted because she was very much confident about her party’s stand on brexit but her strategy didn’t proved to provide the conservatives any assistance . The problem grew more worse for May when some of her own party leader’s along with the members of the opposition started demanding her resignation. So now may is only  having the way of forming an alliance to secure her power and it is now quiet clear that this time the people of Britain are going to be governed by a collision government which could be formed by the alliance of the conservative party along with the pro-Brexit Democratic Unionist Party’s 10 seats providing the conservatives a  workable majority .The general elections in Britain proved to be special for India as there were 56 Indian origin candidates contesting form different parties , 12 of them made their way right from the hearts of the people  straight to the House of commons . Preet kaur gill became the first Indian origin Sikh women and Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi became the first turban wearing Sikh to secure a seat in the elections. Also the major topic of discussion is the impact of this election results on India , diplomats across both the nation’s view these election as a staggering opportunitiy for both India and Britain to step further with their relations , as it is quiet evident that if may’s conservative party forms the government then Britain would separate it’s ways from the European Union which would eventually lead to a decrease in Britain’s trade with the EU and and could possibly increase in trade with india not only this, Britain is also likely to invest in Make in India programme and this would be leading to better trade relationships and a free trade agreement between the two countries.