New Year Eve Two resorts raided in Ramanagar and Chikkaballapur,8 persons arrested,& 318 vehicles seized by BCP violating night curfew

Pramesh S Jain & Avanth Kumar Kankaria

Police raided two resorts situated in the outskirts of the city for organizing parties for the new year, despite the ban and violating the night curfew on Friday night   .

The Nandagiri Dhama in chikkaballapura police arrested as many as 8 persons including the management staff of the resort for not only organizing the party but also arguing with the police who went to check .

Meanwhile the Ramnagar police under SP S Girish raided a resort for illegally partying with high decible sound of music and booked the owner and the staff of a resort near Kanva reservoir for organizing a new year party  .

The police found over 50 tents pitched in and around the resort to house the couple and guests who attended the parties and the DJ music was also part of the event  .

The resort has organized the party and taken bookings online .

The police made an announcement that the party was in violation of the night curfew and asked them to wind up and go home .

Soon co

motion prevailed for some time as the people  (mostly a couple ) rushed out of their tents and ran helter-skelter carrying their belongings,while the police were busy folding the tents and putting them into a van.

The police also booked a case against the resort owner and the management and arrested the owner Swami.

The police also booked cases against the owners of the resorts charging them under various sections of Epidemic Diseases and Disaster Management Act.

Meanwhile the city police seized as many as 318 vehicles including 280 bikes for violating the night curfew.

The police stepped up vigil in and around the CBD area to monitor the flow of people towards MG road and brigade junction where a large crowd was expected .