SOS call sends cops on a wild goose chase

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankaria

A sos call to Namma 112 police control room baffled KR Puram police informing five members gang kidnapping a man in a car on Sunday.

The police rushed to the spot verified CCTV footage to find the visuals look like abduction.

The police stepped up investigation and traced the car to a rehabilitation centre in Hosakote.

Senior officer told media persons,the victim aged around 35 years was chronic alcoholic and his family sought the help of rehab centre to treat him.

The rehab centre traced him and took him in car amidst ruckus he created before he was whisked away in a car.

Passers by noticed the drama and called the control room thinking that somone has been abducted.

The concluded episode after questioning the rehab centre and reported the incident to higher ups he added.