police cant party at station: State Police Chief,Praveen Sood,told his staff

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar

T aking strong exception to the incidents of police officers participating in parties with anti-social elements which are affecting the reputation of the force in society.

State Police Chief,Praveen Sood directed the police officers not to allow any private functions at the station nor invite members of general public for send off or reception program held in station level.

In a circular issued on Friday,Mr.Sood,said that the police officers and staff should maintain discipline and decorum while attending any program.

A police officer having responsibility of crime prevention and maintaining law and order in the society and his action and behaviour in uniform is reflection of the entire department and the society,Mr.Sood,said .

The circular came in the wake of Hosakote PSI CM Raju,celebrating his birthday and promotion at the station on June 2 with his friends and well wishers and the staff while Covid guidelines are in force.

A huge cake was ordered and people danced, cheered and burst crackers while garlanding Mr. Raju to wish him.

The entire event was later circulated on social media and drew huge criticism for the police accusing them of not practicing what they enforce .

Transfer and promotion are part of the administrative procedure.It is natural for the staff to organize a formal send off and welcome program,Mr. Sood said,adding that such programs are not for the public and should be limited to the staff members.

There are many instances which have come to the notice of Mr.Sood that the police staff  were  participating in programs with the anti social elements.Such instances put the police department in a bad light and send the wrong message to society.

In order to prevent such instances in future Mr. Sood issued a set of guidelines to the police officers to be followed.

No police officers shall have any kind of relationship with any anti-social elements .

No celebrations including birthday parties, marriage anniversaries or any private function should be organized at the station.Such a program is against the conduct of the disciplined force.

In case if the police officer is attending any public function,he should avail the prior permission of his seniors and check the details and the participants of the program in advance .

Police officers should avoid organizing any public event unless it is related to crime prevention, traffic awareness or to building police public  relationships.

Ensure that no anti-social element is attending the program with police officers.

The circular also instructed police officers against collecting funds for such a program and the senior police officers have been instructed to ensure that the guidelines issued should be strictly adhered to he stated in the guidelines.