20 Trafficked Children rescued Under RPF’s Operation Nanhe Farishte by RPF Bengaluru Division

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar

RPF Bengaluru Division rescued 20 trafficked children (17 boys & 03 girls) and arrested the traffickers in the past seven days under Operation Nanhe Fariste.

Alert RPF officials on tuesday rescued two minor boys from Bihar at cantonment railway station and arrested a 22 year old tout who was part of the suspected human trafficking.

Miss.P Anusha,PSI,part of the operation Nanhe Farishte,child rescue team from RPF,noticed the two boys aged 15 years landed at the station from Guwahati Bangalore express and hurrying out.

Ms.Anusha stopped and inquired the trio to find that they are being brought to the city by Pankaj Kumar Choudhari,working for D.Shivraj,a labour contractor from Mysore owning Shiva enterprises.

Pankaj told the officials that he is working for Shivaraj for the last six months and getting a salary of Rs 13,000 per month.

His job is to get the children from his state to work for Shivraj,who would then supply to the people and the firms depending on the demand.

The accused Pankaj along with the two boys have been handed over to the railway police for further investigations said a senior officer.

Based on the complaint,the railway police registered a case against Pankaj Kumar charging him under section 370 ( human trafficking) of IPC.

Ashok Verma,DRM,South Western Railway said by tweeting,During the last few months many live kidnapping,child trafficking and Juvenile bonded laboure cases were reported in Bengaluru Division that were detected by Anti Human trafficking Team of Operation Nanhe Faristeh .⁦@RailMinIndia⁩.

In this regard,a new women sub-inspector Miss.P.Anusha,SI/BYPL was appointed as field in charge of “Operation of Nanhefariste” on 19.07.2021.

The team has performed exceedingly well under the feild supervision of Miss.P.Anusha,SI/BYPL and rescued 20 trafficked children along with arrest of traffickers in the past seven days of which 17 are boys & 03 girls.@AshwiniVaishnaw.

Children were being trafficked from various states from Bihar,Assam,West Bengal & Rajasthan.

The team has also arrested human traffickers and cracked two live kidnapping cases in the past 7 days he said in his tweets.

The team has performed exceedingly well under the field supervision of Miss P.Anusha.Children were being trafficked from various states i.e. from Bihar, Assam,West Bengal & Rajasthan.The team has also arrested human traffickers. It is understood that the children were being trafficked for forced labour.Further investigation is under progress.

Finally Senior Divisional Security Commissioner,Debashmita Chattopadhyay Banerjee has appreciated,RPF,PSI,Ms.Anusha and her whole team who has done a exemplary work in rescuing the trafficked children from forced labour a suitable reward will be given to the team he added.