Former BJP Corporator Rekha Kadiresh Murder case:Sister-In-Law,Nephew Sent to Police Custody till 2nd July by Court

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar

The West division police taken Mala and her son Arul into custody till July 2 to probe in detail about the reason behind the gruesome murder of Rekha Kadiresh in front of her office on Thursday.

Senior officer told media persons,Mala and Arul are prime accused in the case that gave supari to Peter,to eliminate Rekha.Rekha was growing politically strong and even her name was proposed by the BJP for the upcoming BBMP elections.

Mala wanted to gain the control of area politically and wanted her daughter in law to contest the election,but Rekha was the major hurdle .

Rekha was not only growing strong in the area but also ignoring Mala and Kadiresh family which was one of the reason behind her murder.

Mala realized that Rekha had even sidelined her close confidant Peter completely,she approached Peter and offered Supari to eliminate promising huge sum of money and also promised to bear legal expenses.

The police team who suspected Mala’s role in the murder began to gather details from the neighbours in the area and after gathering evidence the team arrested her after confirming her involvement .

While one team of police is grilling Mala and Arul, the other teams continue to track down other accused who were part of the conspiracy and execution of murder.

BJP’s NR Ramesh submitted a written complaint against Atush to interrogate him in the case as we suspect he is involved in the murder supporting financially to kill the Former BJP corporator Rekha Kadiresh he said in his letter.

Cops to Re-open Rowdy Sheet against Peter :

The flower garden area in cottonpet police station limits where the Former Councillor Rekha Kadiresh was hacked to death in broad daylight had a over two decade history of bloody gang wars and series of murder which the police failed to contain.

Though police acted swiftly and cracked the murder and arrested the accused the fact that gruesome murder of Rekha,a woman former councillor in broad day light,has brought some embarassing moments for the police.

The area is situated behind Vinayaka Theatre on Mysore road,surrounded by four police stations including CCB head office with the Organised Crime Wing,which failed to contain the rowdy activities at its backyard .

Admitting the failure on their part a senior police officer told reporters,that the murder of Rekha Kadiresh is hard to prevent since family members involved.

However the police failed to notice the growing resentment between Rekha and others,due to a weak intelligence network and improper documentation which is basic to keep tabs on the anti-social elements and gangs.

Another significant factor about bad policing is that the police revoked rowdy-sheet against Peter in 2018 despite there were half a dozen cases of murder,robbery and a assault cases pending against him.

After the death of Kadiresh,Rekha kept Peter away and did not support him financially.Upset about this Peter got into his old drug peddling business to eke out a living before he was offered a supari allegedly by Mala to eliminate Rekha,a police officer,said .

With the murder case of Rekha and Peter’s arrest, the police are going to reopen rowdy sheet against him again.

The flower garden area with majority of the pockets like Anjinappa garden,Bakshi garden, Binny mill,peer boundary,Tippu nagar and Anandapura has been dominated by gangs for the last two decades,running drug peddling and illicit liquor business .

It started in 2000 with Alaimani,a notorious gangster who was killed in an encounter for a series of robberies,rapes and peddling .

There are Jhopdi Rajendra,Garden Mani,Surya Appu,Surya Appu,Guppa,Kencha Muruga who attacked each other in a bid to dominate the area and killed each other .

While some of them including Aatush and Kadiresh succeeded and made their career in politics .

The police having good knowledge and documented every gang and gangsters,they failed to prevent attacks and murders occured in the city every time .

Except the murder of Garden Mani case,no murder cases or any criminal cases reported in the area and charge sheets gets conviction,

Police security stepped up in the area following the murder with police intensified patroling and trying to revoke the local intelligence network to gather advance information and tracking the habitual offenders to regain the control over the area.

This exercise should be done as routine and tough police officers should be deployed to tackle the gangs and withstand political pressures he added.