New Folk Song – Maar To Mele by Ishani Dave

About the song: 

I have been thinking to do this song since 2019. We have merged two Folk songs. Maar To Mele and Rupali Mele Haal. We shot this song right before first lockdown in Rajasthan. It was most probably last MELA in India. When we shot covid had not picked it up in India. It was hectic 3 days shoot. 


It is sung by Ishani Dave and additional vocals by Hariom Gadhvi.

Bhargav Purohit wrote additional Duha which comes in the beginning of the song.


Quote from the singer:  

Maar To Mele is very naughty groovy song. Something I had not sung it before. Exploring our folk has always been my subject of an interest. And bringing back our folk in new form to the new generation is something I always wanted to do.


 Singer – Ishani Dave  

Music – Traditional. Produced by White noise 

Lyrics – Traditional. Additional lyrics by Bhargav Purohit.