Bengaluru to get its own navigating app,traffic police sign an MoU with tech company

Pramesh S Jain 

The Bengaluru city traffic police which is focusing more on management rather then enforcement with an aim to further ease the traffic scenario,signed an MOU to bring out another mobile app from a tech company (Mappls MapmyIndia)to provide real-time updates to commuters on traffic,safety,and road conditions.

The navigaation app,according to the police integrated real-time traffic data,predictive analytics,and user-friendly interfaces to provide commuters with personalized navigation solutions on three dimensional platform.

This will help finding the quickest route to their destination,avoiding congestion hotspots,or receiving live updates on road conditions,the app became an indispensable tool .

Through the MoU,the traffic police gained access to better traffic monitoring systems and advanced algorithms,empowering them to make informed decisions and implement targeted interventions to alleviate traffic bottlenecks.

Moreover,the app served as a platform for community engagement,allowing citizens to report traffic violations,potholes,and other road hazards in real-time.

This is going to improve the traffic movement and management better and more systamatic way,a senior officer, said .

Earlier in January the traffic police launched artificial intelligence based App to improve traffic management in the city.

The AI-backed Actionable Intelligence for Sustainable Traffic Management (ASTraM) app is designed to offer holistic insights into road traffic scenarios, aligning with the objectives of the Road Safety Awareness Week.

APP’S role as a smart traffic engine provides comprehensive insights for data-driven decisions to the traffic police officials.

The ASTraM app availed on play store, encompasses congestion alerts,incident reporting through a mobile application bot,special event management,and dashboard analytics.

This navigation app started by BTP first time in the country will help the commuters to get info on real time traffic situation.

The information on road traffic and gets alert on accident spots,road condition,weather condition, procession,oil spill,off road vehicles in real time to the road user so that he can plan his algorithms accordingly,Joint Commissioner of police Traffic MN Anucheth.

This is also helps the staff of the traffic management centre to plan accordingly and manage the traffic better,he added .