Five including two women held for performing black magic on Minor girl in Nelamangala

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar

The Nelamangala police detained five persons including two women and three men who allegedly tried to sacrifice a 10-year-old girl from their neighborhood to “ward off evil” .

The incident occurred at Gandhi grama in the outskirts of the city on Monday,and the parents filed a complaint with the police.

Senior officer told,The girl was staying with her grandmother studying 4th standard at a government school while her parents who are labourers were staying in Magadi .

In a complaint by girl’s mother Mala,the accused Savithramma and her daughter Soumya took the girl on the pretext of giving prasada.While she was alone at home .

The girl grandmother had gone out of the station for sometime and upon her return she found the girl was missing.

She began to search for the girl and found her with the accused at the adjacent field .

Mala said in her complaint that the girl as crying incessantly asking the duo to let her go,but they had performed some rituals on the girl .

The grandmother soon brought the girl home and when she was asked the girl for details she narrated the incident,which indicated that the accused were trying to sacrifice her.

The family alleged that the accused wanted to sacrifice the girl to ward off evil which has casted upon their minor daughter of one of the accused  .

During the questioning the accused clarified that they proposed to build a Chamundi and muneshwara temple in their field and the priest had suggested to get a pooja performed by a minor girl for the stone laying ceremony .

The police have recorded the statement and are further investigating the case.

The police after conducting a detailed probe  registered an FIR on Saturday charging the accused under Karnataka Prevention and Eradication of Inhuman Evil Practices and Black Magic Bill,kidnapping and criminal intimidation.

Meanwhile family of the victim alleged that the accused are threatening the couple to withdraw the case and also accused police for not taking action and letting off the accused every day after inquiry said a senior officer.