Four held,6.7 kgs of Ambergris (Sperm whale) Worth Rs.8 Crore,Recovered by KG Halli Police

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar

The KG Halli police on Wednesday arrested four persons and recovered 6.7 kgs of ambergris (sperm whale)which is worth Rs.8 Crore in the international market.

The accused has been identified as,Syed Tajammul Pasha,54,resident of Magadi road, Saleem Pasha,48,and Naseer Pasha,34 of Palace Guttahalli and Rafiulla,45 from JP Nagar along with the contraband were arrested red handed.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Kamal Pant,addressing press conference at his office told reporters,As taking advantage in the lockdown time the drug peddlers would utilise the advantage to peddle drug and we instructed our officers and men to keep a watch on drug peddlers.

The Inspector of KG Halli,Santhosh Kumar, received a tip off about drug peddling,a team of police rushed to coconut farm at Lakshmipathi Garden in KG Halli and kept a close watch on them and when the accused were dealing with their clients the team of officials surrounded the area and secured all the four accused.

The team arrested all the four accused identified as,Syed Tajammul Pasha,54,resident of Magadi road,Saleem Pasha,48,Naseer Pasha,34 of Palace Guttahalli and Rafiulla,45 from JP Nagar along with the contraband.

When the team questioned the accused they confessed the crime and revealed that it was a Ambergris is a waxy substance that originates as a secretion in the intestines of the sperm whale, found floating in tropical seas and in high demand in the China and Arab countries which would be used for medicine and prepare perfume.

It is extremely valuable and rare, and is primarily used in the production of perfumes and musk products, due to its unique smell.

Initial probe revealed that the accused have sourced Ambergris from their contact identified as Salman from Kolar.

A detailed investigation by the team the accused spilled that their contact from whom they sourced the Ambergris had promised the accused to share the profit with them after they got a decent price.

Sayyed Pasha and Rafi were selling the ambergris to Salim and Nasir.Sayyed and Rafi said that they received the material from a third party and we are investigating to find the source.

We have booked the accused under various sections of wildlife protection act and cheating and efforts are on to track down Salman to ascertain the source of the drugs and further investigation is on.

Commissioner of Bengaluru Police,Kamal Pant, tweeted about the incident.He wrote, “A great catch! Kudos to the East Division @Kghallips and team for nabbing four persons seizing 6.7-Kg Ambergris (floating gold/whale vomit) worth Rs.8 Crore.

Ambergris is a solid waxy substance originating in the intestine of the sperm whale. It is highly prized as a fixative and ingredient in fine perfumes.The 4 accused are in custody and legal action has been taken under different sections of The Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 and u/S 420 of IPC.

Finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Kamal Pant has appreciated Addl CP East,S Murugan, DCP East,Dr.SD.Sharanappa ACP,Jagadish,PI, Santhosh Kumar L,PSIs,as,Rajesh,Babu Reddy, Ramesh,and crime staff as,Srinivasmurthy,Shankar Chouhan Nanjundappa DJ,Revana,Shakeel Ahmed,Shivaraj Badiger,Somashekar and other staff has been appreciated for the good piece of investigation in nabbing the four accused and seizing the Ambergris for the commendable job done by them a suitable reward and certificate will be given to the team he added.