Violating lockdown:Total 7577 Vehicles seized,48 NDMA Cases booked till 1st May by Bengaluru Police :

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar

As part of the lock down enforcement the city police on Saturday seized as many as 843 vehicles which were moving around the city without valid reasons.Over all till today 7577 vehicles has been seized totally in Bengaluru Police commissionerate with 48 NDMA cases has been booked so far.

According to an official release 784 are two wheelers,35 three wheelers and 24 four wheelers.

Over all vehicles seized in 8 Divisions are,7577 vehicles in which,6901 are two wheeler,333 are three wheeler,343 are four wheelers.The police have also booked 48 cases against shops and commercial establishments under Disaster management act for violating the lockdown guidelines.

Meanwhile the cab drivers accused high handedness of police for seizing their vehicles and harassing them.

The cab drivers association alleged that while returning from the airport and dropping the passenger the police not only seized the cab but also assaulted the driver who questioned the police high handedness .

The association said that they are working on emergency situation during the crisis and warned to stage strong protests if the police alleged brutality continues says association head.

Meanwhile as vehicles were huge yesterday Commissioner of Police,Kamal Pant personally visited KR circle and Mysuru Bank Circle to monitor the situation and as he along with DCP MN Anucheth,ACP, Nazma Farooq,PI,Deepak was seen checking the vehicles and those vehicles which were plying without any valid reasons were seized.

Meanwhile Bengaluru city police of all divisions have booked 1,06,626 cases against people not wearing mask and collected 24288262.4 rupees from 1st April to 30th April.

9168 shops and commercial establishments were booked for violating lockdown guidelines in the Bengaluru Police commissionerate and collected 2097183.4 Rupees from violators.

Praveen Sood,DG & IGP, Karnataka State Police took to Twitter to counsel and warn people not to violate restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Let’s take the lockdown seriously. It’s in our own interest and possibly a last resort.More than 7,000 vehicles have been seized by police for loitering on flimsy grounds. I am sure you do not want to return home without your vehicle. Cooperate with police, stay home and break the chain,” he tweeted.