State Police Chief,Praveen Sood warns strict action against hospital for denying treatment

Pramesh S Jain.

In the wake of second wave of covid surge in the state and police personnel becoming soft targets, the state police chief issued circular directing the unit officers in charge to give priority to the well being of their staff and ensure best medical care.

In a circular issued on Friday,Praveen Sood, directed the officers incharge to ensure that there staff who are 45 years and above and their family members vaccinated compulsorily.

All the staff have been directed to get the tests done.Those who have covid symptom and related ailments should be deputed to office work only.

The officers incharge should make three shift work to ensure the staff get adequate rests and work on rotation basis.

Sanitizations of police station,vehicles is must and a separate meeting place has to be designated outside the police station for the public who visits stations and office of the senior officers.

Police personnel should follow the SoP issued earlier while dealing with the Investigation, including questioning,arrest and escorting the accused to the courts.

The police personnel should wear mask,face shield and sanitize regularly apart from maintaining social distancing to avoid infection.

Mr. Sood also directed the police to initiate strict action against the hospitals which refuse treatment for police personnel.

Sood on Monday issued another circular,and instructed the Unit officer We are already aware of the havoc played by the second wave of COVID 19. While the responsibilities of the police will increase, many days to come, we need a force.”

Among the pandemic and preventable causalities that the public has to protect our own men and their families first.

Between 6 and 8 weeks,they can take any further detainee as they are vulnerable, and at the same time they have to be reminded and sensitized to follow all COVID appropriate behavior.

The only assurance is that,if there is a milder case,even after the infection is in place,then there are even more rare cases of COVID infection time.I am worried about 162 active cases in the second wave.

But more alarming is the fact that more than 500 cases have occurred among family members of policemen.

As unit officer, you should be pro-active in ensuring that eligible family members are also motivated and facilitated to get vaccinated. Family members of Illnesses affect the morale of the policemen.

In the event of hospitalization,please ensure the best medical facilities are available to our policemen and their families.

As you know, 50% of beds in private hospitals are earmarked under SAST which should be utilized by BBMP Commissioner in Bengaluru City and DC / DHOs in the district.

In addition to the above,all the SOPs of the police station function which were enacted when the first wave should be reserved without any further delay.

I hope all unit officers will do their best to keep the attention of the police and the police force he Issued a circular to all the commissionerate to follow strictly Covid guidelines and take care of their health by taking all preventive measures he said.