Trio held clueless murder case solved by City Railway police:

Pramesh S Jain

The city railway police on Wednesday cracked a clueless murder case and arrested three persons who killed owner of a eatery and dumped his body on the railway track to conceal their crime.

The accused has been identified as,Mohammed Siddique,26,Mubarak Pasha,21,and Khaleel Ahmed,23,all three resident of Padarayanapura.

Senior officer said,our railway police received a information that some person body is dumped near railway track near Hampinagar area as in between krishnadevaraya railway station.

As soon as the information was passed Railway police sub-inspector Bharathi and staff rushed to spot and found a highly mutilated body on the track and taken up a case.

The team shifted the body for postmortem to ascertain the cause of death.Police Sub-Inspector,D Bharathi who took up the investigations found the Post Mortem confirming the cause of death as sudden blow on the head.

After confirming the cause of death special team was formed by SP Railways,Dr Siri Gowri under the supervision of ACP,D Ashok,PI railways,Saleem C Nadaf,PSI,D Bharathi and team swung into action.

Ms.Bharathi further investigated and identified the person as,Afroz and analyzed the call record details from his phone.

Based on the last call made by Siddique to Afroz invite for the party,lead the police to crack the case.

The police picked up Siddique and during interrogation he confessed the crime and based on his statement later two others were arrested.

The accused revealed,that the deceased Afroz,37,was forcing one of his friend for homo sexual activities and harass him.

Unable to bear the harassment,the accused colluded with two of his friends,invited Afroz for a drink party on January 2 .

Afroz came along with liquor bottle to the meeting spot on the railway track situated near Hampinagar .

They had liquor and the accused Siddique, realized Afroz was sloshed and hit him with a blunt weapon.A sudden attack on the head rendered Afroz unconscious and profusely bleeding and died on the spot.

Later the trio dumped the body on the railway track removed the clothes and shoes and set it on fire to conceal the,identity and the crime.

Afroz hailed from Bihar and settled in city and studied in a madrasa where Siddique was also studying.Afroz was running a eatery at RMC yard and used to stay in the hostel after he separated from his wife.He used to invite his friend Siddique to stay in the hotel with him unable to bear his harrasement they killed him the accused revealed during interrogation.

The trio have been booked under murder and destruction of evidence and remanded them to judicial custody he added.

Finally,ADGP Railways,Arun Chakravarthy,has appreciated SP, Railways,Dr Siri Gowri,ACP,D Ashok,PI,Saleem C Nadaf,PSIs,as,Smt.D Bharathi,PV Kanakaraju,ASIs,as,H Rajashekar,HS Ranganath,and staff as,Kemparaju,Anilkumar,Chethan,Nagaraj J,Ajith Agera,Mukesh and Chandrakant Biradar has been appreciated for the exemplary work done by the them who has detected the clueless murder case and arrested three persons and a suitable reward will be given to the team he added.