Youth a salesman from Assam caught for smoking in washroom on onboard flight in Bengaluru

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The Bengaluru International airport police on Friday arrested a 20-year-old youth caught smoking in the washroom onboard of a Indigo flight .

This is the second such incident reported as the alert cabin crew caught a 24-year-old woman smoking in the loo of the flight.

The accused has been identified as Seheri Coudari, from Kachar district in Assam.

Sehari was working as salesman in a mall and now jobless.He was coming to city from Assam to look for the job.

On the way,he got into the washroom and smoked.The incident came to light when passengers felt odour and smoke and alerted the cabin crew.

They rushed to the washroom and caught him.He was later handed over to the airport security charging him under Indisciplined passenger .

Based on the complaint from cabin crew,the Airport police police arrested Seheri,charging him under civil action act .

24-year-old Priyanka C,on March 5 boarded the 9.50 pm Indigo 6E-716 flight from Kolkata and caught smoking mid air.

The crew asked her to open the toilet door.When the door was opened,a cigarette was found lying in the dustbin and the crew put it out with water.