Former Minister Varthur Prakash kidnapped!,Hundreds of doubts! released after paying ransom RS.48 lakhs ;

Pramesh S Jain

Former Kolar MLA R Varthur Prakash and his driver were allegedly abducted and tortured for three days by an armed gang of eight persons while they were returning from their farm house in Kolar on November 25.

The accused tortured the duo demanding Rs 30 Crore ransom and extorted Rs 48 lakh before the driver sunil escaped hoodwinking the accused.

Fearing that he would approach the police,the accused dumped Prakash at an open field near Hosakote in the early hours of November 29th and warned him against filing complaint.

Prakash said in his statement he with the help of passers by taken to a private hospital and after treatment went home to recover from the shock while approaching Bellanduru police for complaint.

Based on the complaint the police have formed special teams to investigate the case and track down the accused.

Prakash in his complaint claimed that on November 25,he and his driver were in farmhouse located in Begli Hosahalli and left in their SUV to reach Kolar.Around 7pm a gang of eight person came in two cars and stopped his SUV blocking the road using two of their cars.

The gang threatened them with lethal weapons and forced him to sit in their car.They tied the hands and legs and blindfolded both of them they even punched and kicked them.The accused demanded Rs 30 crore and also the accused drove away his SUV.

The accused continue to torture Prakash when refused to give money.

The gang was roaming around Chintamani, Hoskote and around Bengaluru city and on November 26,the gang again started torturing Prakash to bring money and also thrashed his driver Suneel with Iron rods to reveal where the money was kept.

Unable to bear the torture Prakash contacted his friend Nayaz and asked him to bring 48 lakh.The gang took the cash from Nayaz near a coffee shop in Kolar and they again tortured them till midnight.

His driver Suneel lost consciousness and the gang thought that had died.They pushed him out from the car and after a while he gained consciousness and managed to escape.

Fearing they would be caught by the police they took him near Shivanapura in a Hosakote in an open ground and dumped him in the wee hours of November.29.

The gang also threatened that he and his family will be killed if he file a police complaint. The passers by helped Prakash to shift to a private hospital in KR Puram for treatment .

A lady dupatta found in Varthur Prakash car and car there was chilli powder thrown inside the car it is a suspect of honey trap! the accused used a lady to recover their money from former MLA Varthur Prakash as he has taken a loan of 10 Crore rupees and in return they were demanding Rs.30 Crore from him so to recover money the financers have utilised a lady and have led a honey trap ! Makes a twist after a dupatta found in his car.

Prakash’s car was found abondoned near Halanahalli graveyard in Bellandur .

D Devaraj,DCP, Whitefield said that FIR has been registered in this regard.The accused had blindfolded Prakash to conceal their identity.
The police have obtained CCTV footage of the vehicle movements to identify the gang and the reason behind the kidnap he added.

A case has been transferred to kolar rural police and they will investigate further as per orders from the court the case is being investigated in all the is suspect that a lady teacher son is behind the kidnap this lady is who used to take care of his farm house says sources.