With each passing the day, the fight against the pandemic is becoming more arduous. The gravity of the situation requires serious measures to be taken by all the stakeholders of the society. In these testing times many NGOs have come forward to extend their helping hand to curb the situation. One such NGO is CSR Research Foundation, whose indistinct support is worth the acclamation.

The NGO is registered PAN India u/s 8 of The Companies Act, 2013 established for knowledge dissemination and facilitating corporate sector in fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). The NGO is lately involved in the activities of women empowerment and healthcare. During these challenging times also the NGO came forward to help the underprivileged section by organising a sanitary napkin distribution camp at Narendra Nath Memorial Trust, Gujjar Chaupal, Raghubir Nagar, West Delhi-110027. And during the camp, all volunteers strictly followed the rule of social distancing.

“CSRRF is a philanthropist organisation and we have been trying to help the women of lower strata of the society who are not capable of this by themselves. Women healthcare is often ignored and cost lives but this price is too high for a developing nation like ours. But the past days have been more cruel to the country with the spread of the pandemic, COVID-19 and the toll of the fatalities is rising ever since. Hygiene is the most important tool to fight the pandemic and use of sanitary napkins is necessary for women hygiene and health.This is our bit to improve the situation and create awareness. Use of sanitary napkin is indispensable yet a luxury for many. We are trying to make it just as essential as food.” Said CA D.D Agrawal, Chairman of CSR Research Foundation.

The NGO has been organising such events in various schools and colleges in various parts of the country in the pre lockdown period. This event was organised and attended keeping in view all the social distancing measures by the volunteers of the NGO along with the Chairman.The NGO distributed around 1000 napkins to the women and yearn to inflate the numbers by organising more such events.