Hiten Shukla

As the nation is going through the COVID-19, more and more NCC cadets of Gujarat Directorate are volunteering to provide help and assistance to the Civil Administration. Since the day, lock down has been announced, the NCC cadets have circulated large number of videos and messages on social media to increase the awareness among public on Covid-19.

The Directorate held discussions with the Police and Civil Administration to work out the modalities on the employment of these volunteer cadets to augment relief effort and functioning of agencies employed in COVID-19, which includes logistics and supply chain management, manning of helplines, queue and traffic management alongwith other tasks.

Only Senior Division Boys and Senior Wing Girl Cadets above the age of 18 are being employed to support the administration. District wise list of Nodal officers and details of volunteer cadets has been prepared and forwarded to the SPs of each District. Police Dept has also issued detailed guidelines on the employment of these cadets to all SPs and Civil Administration.

The NCC unit at Jamnagar District started the process by carrying out a detailed briefing of the Cadets for assisting the civil administration. Shortly, the cadets would also be employed in other districts too. The DGNCC at Delhi has also made provisions to insure the volunteer Cadets adequately. Parents have also come forward and given their consent for the cadets to be deployed which is highly appreciable. Cadets would be properly protected and all precautions adhered to before being employed for various tasks.

DGNCC at Delhi has been actively involved and focused in giving the necessary permission for the employment of cadets. Major General Roy Joseph ADG, NCC Dte Gujarat Dadra Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu has complimented the efforts of the staff & the Cadets of Gujarat State. He has requested all staff members & Cadets to ensure all safety precautions and be a frontline COVID Warrior to help society.