World Renowned Biohackers Ben Greenfield and Kris Gethin, explain how to hack your life to live longer?

Physique Global in association with Hammer strength presents India’s first ever Biohacking Forum 1.0 with international experts Jag Chima, Kris Gethin and Ben Greenfield at Roseate House, Aerocity, New Delhi here today.

Biohacking is the buzzword these days all across the world and entering India. Jag Chima, CEO of Physique Global said “We want to make science backed education available to everybody, but also make it relative.  The quality of life has drastically decreased over the years; it doesn’t have to be that way. By making small changes and more informed choices daily can make significant change to people’s life.  Never has India seen a platform where world class and scientifically proven education has been delivered by some of the world’s best such as Ben Greenfield and Kris Gethin who are pioneers in their space.

Kris Gethin, who is the man behind the unbelievable transformations of Hrithik Roshan, Mahesh Babu, John Abraham and other bollywood actors is one of the two main speakers at the Biohacking Forum.When asked about the current scenario on fitness and Biohacking space in India compared to the West, Kris stated “We are making great strides in the initial stages of biohacking in India by using our international network and existing platforms as leaders in the health and fitness industry.

Through our Kris Gethin Gyms franchise, Bollywood celebrity transformations, Physique Global athletes, biohacking retreats and a biohacking podcast, we have been positively influencing India to biohack their health and their biology to increase their life and health-span.  It’s still in its primary stages worldwide but only infant stages in India.I have been implementing many forms of biohacking since 2014 and for my clients since 2016. After witnessing the huge increase in people’s health and athletic performance, we want to rapidly expand awareness, knowledge and product development in India as we have already seen in the US and Europe”.

Ben Greenfield speaking to the press when asked about Biohacking said among the books in his library, nearly a dozen comprise books on Ayurvedic practices and medicine, which have delved into daily routine. “These are simple strategies, with many of them included in my book –things like waking up in the morning and doing tongue scraping and oil pulling, focusing on herbs, spices and digestives before and after a meal, detoxification strategies like dry skin brushing, yoga flow poses and breathing exercises.

He also added that “ There’s a great deal of wisdom in Ayurvedic medicine that we can use to enhance our lives and is especially important when you consider ancestry and genetics,” he said, adding, “In India, the way that people have eaten, moved, lived for years is still deeply rooted in their DNA. If someone was to come to me seeking for physicians to work with, I would instantly recommend someone well-versed in Ayurvedic medicine.”

Ben Greenfield’s latest book Boundless is #1 Best Seller on Amazon. In the book, I have many micro-workouts to stay fit without going to a gym. High amounts of fat may lead to cardiovascular disease or high amounts of fibre are necessary to avoid colon cancer, which is a myth,” added Greenfield. Speaking on the subject of mental health, Greenfield spoke on balancing neurotransmitter chemicals that a nervous system uses to communicate. “The first eight chapters of Boundless are focused on mental performance and cognition, caring for the brain and optimizing cognitive function, there’s plenty in there,” he said.Physique Global has been delivering cutting edge education since 2011 and will continue to innovate to make India a fitter and healthier nation”.