Indian Coast Guard And Gujarat ATS Apprehended Pakistani Boat Jamjaj with 05 Pak Nationals And 35 KG Heroine Onboard In a Joint Operation

Hiten Shukla

In the past two years, antinational elements involved in narcotics smuggling are trying to infiltrate contraband drug Heroin, through Gujarat coast. Gujarat Police and Indian Coast Guard are committed to thwart any such attempts, and have conducted various operations to nip the menace in the bud. Anti-Terrorist Squad Gujarat got credible information that an illegal consignment of narcotic drug, Heroin, is going to be smuggled in Gujarat through Coast.

The information further revealed that the consignment is being sent in Pakistani fishing boat from Pakistan. ATS Officers approached Indian Coast Guard and a joint operation was launched to apprehend the smugglers and seize the contraband. A team of ATS and ICG started the operation with Indian Coast Guard Fast Interceptor Boats (IBs) at Jakhau, Kutch. Commandos of Marine Task Force were kept in boats in Indian waters to help in apprehending the smugglers.

Continuous search operation was undertaken near the location, located North West of Jakhau, which was indicated in the information available with ATS Gujarat. A suspicious Pakistani boat was identified at the said location in Indian waters. ICG IBs stealthily started following the boat, and at the opportune moment, officers and personnel of ICG IBs alongwith ATS Officers successfully boarded the suspicious boat.

Search of the suspicious boat revealed 35 packets of contraband heroin on Pakistani boat JamJam. The approximate weight of confiscated contraband is 35 Kg valuing Rs 175 crores (approx) in international market. The interrogation of the apprehended accused persons is in progress jointly by all agencies. The details of the 05 Pak Nationals apprehended from Pakistani boat named JamJam are as follows:-

(1) Anees Isa Bhatti, age 30 years, r/o Baba Zajeera, Karachi, Pakistan

(2) Ismail Mohammed Kachchi, age 50 years, r/o Kemadi, Beet Zajeera, Karachi,  Pakistan

(3) Ashhraf Usman Kutchhi, age 42 years, r/o Kemadi, Beet Zajeera, Karachi, Pakistan

(4) Kareem Abdulla Kutchhi, age 37 years, r/o Beet Zajeera, Karachi, Pakistan

(5) Abubaqar Ashraf Sumra, age 55 years, r/o Beet Zajeera, Karachi, Pakistan