Jan Jagrukta Abhiyaan on Dengue and Malaria in New Delhi

A mega awareness campaign (‘People’s Movement’) on Dengue and Malaria in Delhi from 17-19 July 2019 was conducted under the leadership of Hon’ble Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare involving People’s representatives and 286 teams comprising Senior officers and staff from Health Ministry, all three Delhi Municipal Corporations and New Delhi Municipal Council. During the campaign, following activities were carried out:


i. Interaction with Resident Welfare Associations, school children, social and religious leaders to create awareness to prevent mosquito breeding in order to control Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria

ii. Demonstration of various types of containers/ sites/rooftops supporting mosquito-breeding and their elimination.

iii. Distribution of leaflets, handbills, pamphlets

iv. Motivating the community and schools to sustain preventive actions and to adopt personal protection  measures to avoid mosquito bite


The follow up campaign was carried out in Delhi during August and September, 2019.


As per reports submitted by the States/UTs, high number of Dengue cases occurred during last three months (August to October 2019). The State/UTs-wise number of cases and deaths due to Dengue in the country during last three months are given below:   


State/UT-wise Dengue cases and deaths during last 3 months

(August to October 2019)