New Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019:Bengaluru City Traffic Cops book 24086 cases,collect Rs.1.35 Crores as fine in just 8 days:

Bengaluru City Police Commissioner,Bhaskar Rao,along with Joint Commissioner of Traffic,Dr.BR Ravikanthe Gowda,DCPs,as,KV Jagadeesh,Dr.SK Soumyalatha,Saraha Fathima,ACP Traffic Planning,Ms.Kavitha,PI-Cum- PRO,for Traffic,Dr.Anil Kumar,With PI,Ms.Meenakshi,other officers and staff were present at a press conference held on last thursday as on 5th September at Traffic Head Quarters as Traffic Management Centre,in Infantry road, addressing press persons and to reach the information to general public commissioner,Bhaskar Rao said that the traffic police will be tough and are conducting special drives to ensure that people follow the rules.The special drive is not to earn revenue but to act as a means of deterrence,he said.This is due to pedestrians not following rules and a lack of traffic sense especially among two-wheeler riders,” he said.
The Bengaluru Traffic Police in the last week has announced that they will be strictly implementing the hefty penalties under the amended Motor Vehicles Act. In a span of five hours on September 4th, the police,on last thursday,collected RS.30.11 lakh as fines for traffic violations.On September 4, the first day the new fines were levied, the total collection reached Rs.21.8 lakh within a few hours.
Motorist fined Rs 17,000 for multiple violations:
Meanwhile,after the amendment of New Motor Vehicle Act a two-wheeler rider in Bengaluru was fined Rs 17,000 on Wednesday for drunk driving, driving without license and helmet.He was initially caught for not wearing a helmet,ASI Shivanna of the Kumaraswamy Layout traffic police station later found the accused driving in an inebriated state.Later he subjected him to go for a breathalyzer test and he was asked to blow in the breathalyzer machine which resulted that he is drunk more than the permissible limit then the ASI asked him to produce DL but the rider dint had the Driving licence and for this he was booked with multiple cases as,Drunk and Drive,Without Helmet,Without Driving Licence,and without Pillion rider he slapped a notice to him and sent him to court where the rider was slapped RS.17,000 by the Magistrate.The rider was identified as Akash Gowda,Who is the second motorist who was slapped with hefty fine meanwhile another
motorists was also slapped Rs.15,000 from the court.
As the Amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act kicked in this month, the Bengaluru traffic cops have collected a humongous sum as fine in just eight days,September 4th to 12th.
In these eight days,as on from 4th September till 12th September Bengaluru city traffic cops booked 24,086 cases for various traffic offences and the fine collected stands at Rs.1,35,58,800.In these eight days the cops booked 118 cases of Drunk and drive and the drunk drivers were sent to court.
As on from 4th September till 9th September cops booked 6813 cases and collected fine of Rs.72.50 lakhs.
As on from 10th September till 11th September Morning the cops booked 10923 cases and collected fine of Rs.42.54 lakhs.
As on from 11th September till 12th September Morning the cops booked 6350 cases and collected Rs.20.55 lakhs.Altogether 24086 Motorists has been booked for various type of traffic violations and have collected 1.36 Crore rupees in Span of eight days.
The Bengaluru Traffic Police have announced that they will be strictly implementing the hefty penalties under the amended Motor Vehicles Act. In a span of five hours, the police, on Thursday, collected RS.30.11 lakh as fines for traffic violations.
On September 4, the first day the new fines were levied, the total collection reached Rs.21.8 lakh within a few hours.
Dr.BR.Ravikanthe Gowda,Joint Commissioner for Traffic said,The notification of new fines enhanced fines from yesterday only we are bound to implement it we are implementing it.Today one of our officer one Mr.Shivanna ASI of Kumarswamy layout traffic police station caught a two wheeler vespa he find them Rs.17,000.10,000 ruppes for Drunk and driving,2,000 rupees the persons two persons were on the two wheeler were not having helmets and 5,000 rupees for not having driving licence total Rs.17,000 and they went to court the rider went to court and paid the fine in the court.And this definitely going to create a type of awareness and a type of cautious to all the riders who normally violate the traffic rules and I expect there will be a type of semblance in the minds of riders in the minds of vehicle drivers road users that they should follow the traffic rules and regulations so that roads can become safety zones and the ASI Kumaraswamy layout, Shivanna and his other staff has been rewarded by commissioner of police for the good work they did and finally when asked about can a retired Police Officer wear a police Monogram helmet after their retirement Ravikanthe Gowda said no they cannot wear it is a crime and we will instruct our officers  to book them if they found any retired officers violating the law he added.
Bhaskar Rao,Bengaluru City Police Commissioner,said the main violations are,against one way,allowing unauthorised person to drive,under age person to drive,Drunk and driving,raising and over speeding, then using vehicle without registration,driving vehicle exceeding permisable weight,then carrying of excess passengers,the 24 main offences are those for which fine has been increased by either 60 times or double they have done 60% or 100% has been increased.See the idea of Government of India is not to make revenue this is not going to meant for filling the coughers of the government it is meant for deterrence.If the violators pay hefty fines then only they will come to know that you are violating traffic rules these fine rates were done more than 20 years ago that time the fine amount was very high but now the value of the rupee has come down these fines have become very very low by seeing this these fines have been increased and in this New Act some of the offences have got imprisonment also so I request the citizens of Bengaluru to follow traffic as accidents are rising and the main victims are pedestrians and two wheeler riders.Pedestrains because of Jaywalking and two wheelers because of carelessness in this those who are having heavy vehicles they are not being killed except those who are involved in drunk and driving cases who does self driving with carelessness.Why means in Bengaluru city there is no chance of speeding the vehicle,the main vehicles which we see are two wheelers only and walking carelessly so this offences are getting more for this specially four wheelers are part of this what they are doing is they are creating menace by blockage of roads in the road only.Today one of the biggest headache for me is that in No-Entry highly educated persons brings car and they even argue with the police that they want to reach their destination by short cut and from our Bengaluru Traffic police also the enforcement has come down so for this I made my displeasure known to Joint Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of traffic that these people should be booked mercilessly because it is not a mere traffic violation they are endangering life why means and day before yesterday our Devanahalli ASI Ramraju died only because he was on the right side of the road and one KMF vehicle came in wrong side of the road Which resulted he lost his life.A man who is guarding others life he himself has to loose his life means what can be a bigger shape for me that I could not take care of my own person.So many people think this is a small offence which they have done,Murder is murder only crime is crime only just because the conviction has happened more it doesn’t mean that the offence also change it to the nature.The offence fines have been increased to so that complete deterance should be there in violators.When we Police people passing in our vehicle many people ridding triples comes with four to five people in one vehicle without helmet,without fixing number plates they bring their expensive vehicles that time we will be in confusion I appeal through media friends to the citizens of Bengaluru are you doing enforcement or regulating traffic yes it is a very difficult thing when you are doing enforcement you cannot do regulation and when you are doing regulation you cannot do enforcement.Enforcement means standing on the road the cop should stop violators and put fines we have encouraged that our staff should wear Body cameras as of now we have 280 Cameras now I proposed to increase the body Cameras to 600 cameras and I may take it down upto 1000 also as soon as we get B-Trac funding.Because what is happening that unnecessarily many are that I am very intelligent enough they argue with traffic police and everyday I am seeing that public are indulged in unnecessary arguments with traffic police and unfortunately our staff has no time to argue with violators as they are not only breaking the law they are arguing with our traffic enforcement and they are blocking the road also three offences put together.I have asked my Joint Commissioner,Ravikanthe Gowda to book proper IPC cases if they don’t have powers means book case against those errant monsters in the local jurisdictional Police station powers to be taken. I have already made a review of 353 cases,353 cases means obstructing public servant on duty over the last three years in Bengaluru City in the year of 2016,2017,and 2018 almost these cases have touched about 1000 each and everyday I am having one or two cases it is a sign of a very indisciplined motoring when you cannot respect basic if your time is important start early and reach early no point in making a last minute ditch endangering your life, endangering people’s lives and breaking laws only Ambulance has got a right of way in Emergency.Even our Home Minister of karnataka has also told us I don’t need Zero traffic and a priority traffic too I don’t need.And even police officers also who are in emergency we never take this because our travel is to DG&IGP office and Vidhana Soudha and our offices and these are by and large so we never take any zero traffic.I have observed mainly four wheelers are violating by coming in no entry in the early morning and when there is less traffic police deployed on the ring road without any fear heavy vehicles are also coming in the wrong side putting the head lights if you are coming puting a head light of your vehicle that doesn’t mean that you are absorbed an offence is an offence you are endangering people so infact I will not hesitate to book them under heavier offences bordering upto 307 also because they are really attempting to kill somebody and is it is we are doing 304 before we used to book under 304A if there is any 304 case takes place it is culpable homicide not amounting to murder it is.Culpable amounting to murder is 302,Culpable Homicide not amounting to Murder is 304,Means your action you are fully aware that by doing by this somebody is going to die that is the 304.So in this situation many 304 cases also been booked against the riders and in future if such cases are reported I am not going to punish it as a Motor Vehicle offence we are going to impound the vehicle and seize and make it into a court property and take that such a owner doesn’t deserve to give this irresponsible drivers.I am very thankful to BBMP because previously we dint had place to keep those vehicles now we have got 7.5 acres of land in Bingipura,then in Jakkrain lake they have given 3 acres of land and in chilkajalla area they gave given one land also so all these vehicles will be towed and will be kept there under CAR guard so that the towing charging will also be more because they are going to be taken to a longer distance and I have already instructed that in many cases they should send the violators to court because this kind of public indiscipline has happened and they are not a nuisance for themselves they have become a nuisance for others and they are wasting other people’s time.Many times have seen if there is small minor touch to the vehicle immediately they will step down from the car and they will start arguing there are people who have lost their lives in the traffic accidents only for a minor touch they will indulge in quarrelling and in Bengaluru city if you stop a vehicle for 10 seconds our study has revealed that 150 vehicle stands during peak hours for a mere 10 seconds stop so for this we have decided to adjust the signals in some places and our first priority is after having a Janaspandana that green light and red light signal movements should be shown.Crores of rupees is wasted on petroleum because people think when it will turn into green signal.So as a first priority we are going to take up what is going to be the duration of red light and what is going to be the duration of green light suppose if red light is off means people have got a tendency to rush in up and on coming traffic will come on to likely hood of sign of pollution also.So the increasing fines is only meant for detering people and for this many awareness programmes has been done by government of India also done it and my predecessors has also done it his predecessors have also done it.But in the coming days we are going to use more and more of social media and mainstream media like all of you and video media like our friends and as well as discussions,blogs,as well as public education programmes to disimirate informations and also talk with organisations.If someone says I am very poor and you are hitting on my stomach means why we are hiting your stomach means because you are not abiding the law and following traffic rules and you are endangering your life and you are endangering others lives also which other thing I have commonly noticed that in the cubical roads along the near Lalbagh gate many people going to park they come back on that road so there also we will conduct more enforcement there.I am aware that it is going to lead to the lot of friction among citizens as well as motorists who are going to be violating the law.many does allegations on our police officers and staff that they are taking bribes and they have compromised to small amount of money for the heavy fines.I am very very confident that my boys are going to do good job if genuine complaints of any kind of extortion or any kind of other things please bring to my notice we will take stringent action against those police officers who are trying to do this type of things.If you see about Delhi the cops have fined a person for violating traffic rules it is more than the cost of the two wheeler.Yesterday our traffic persons have booked almost about 17,000 rupees we are also our people are also started ease of doing good business by swiping cards if you don’t have cash means we will swipe your card and deduct the fines also so that is also our move of doing business so that you don’t have go in search of ATM’s,and cameras also will be right in front of them and we have decided to increase the Body Cameras also.Coming back to the subject of 353 offences I have making a review of 353 offences all these people are going to be listed out and for what reason they have secured bail I am going to go for bail cancellation and they are going to be delt with very very strictly.If you quarrel with a traffic cop you are in lot of trouble because he is doing a very very tough job which very few people can do he is in fact the representation of what enforcement is if for a second if our traffic cops is not present means you can only see how much problems we will face and you can imagine my plight there are 44,000 junctions in the city only 400 junctions are 1 percent of the junctions are been controlled and we have only 4000 staff.At present I have system called Traffic Warden and at present I have about 390 traffic wardens our proposal is to make a public outreach through social media and invite upto 2500 traffic wardens we want youngsters people who are working in IT industries,who can take up social cause.So we will increase the strength of traffic wardens and we want to give them some kind of appreciation and within the track of traffic police itself facing more troubles and challenges they do the job.Our people are victim of chest congestion,eye disorder, arthritis,and lung problems,because of long exposure to dust and pollution so lot of people are willing to come and do this work on their own so we are planning to increase the volume of traffic wardens also.and also with the help of BBMP, BDA,in many places signal free corridors also getting constructed and many are waiting to get inaugurated also and then another thing which we want to start is that lot of important junctions within the city and late night in other district headquarters how will be the peak traffic in the midnight traffic also will be the same but also we choose to switch off the signal lights by putting on blinkers so now some important junctions will be manned in the night time also because unless and until our white shirt is visible people don’t obey laws so keeping that in mind for example the Townhall circle,KR Circle,and other places because vehicles are coming in high speed and it is very necessary to do regulation of traffic because they are all arterial roads in the city.Apart from this we had a very  good meeting under the chairmanship of our Deputy Chief Minister Dr.Ashwathnatayana along with the persons from business industry and we have decided to take some decisions and another meeting we will do with them and we will decide as CBD area which is Central Business District area is a centre part in doing business with Cubbon Park as a center in the 4 kilometres radius we will declare as CBD area then 12 high density corridors which are going to come out in the city for these 12 high density corridors I am going to nominate one inspector each to see that in the peak hour the traffic is going to be ease out all I only agree telling is very easy but to implement but to bring it in implementation it is not a job of traffic police we need lot of support from the BBMP,Support from BDA,and we need support from various other stake holders also.But primarily we are only planning to start it this is just to ensure the traveling time now the traveling speed has become very very low atleast for some level if it is getting improved means we will feel that is an achievement for the hard work that has gone into the entire but about the road condition I am not in a position to say for which I am actively cooperating with the BBMP Commissioner as well as the staff as now it is rainy season where all they should asphalt the road and fill potholes but the idea is that the congestion is should come down to remove the congestion these 12 high density corridors will be declared no parking also and the parking will be at the parallel roads because in some places many have parked for this for the free passage it will be delayed and vehicle has to stop several times and where ever thwre are unnecessary unwanted right turns are there we are going to remove those right turns and postponed the right turns and I have told them to reduce these right turns I have instructed them to reduce 25% right turns so that the speed of the vehicle can be increased the time taken may vary little bit here and there but to ensure that right turns are avoided as much as possible and to reduce the number of right turns.Then lot of people in social media have said that Heavy vehicles are moving on Outer ring road Heavy vehicle movements will be completely restricted and I am even thinking of having temperoary Gantry if you put temperoary gantry we will fix the gantry with timings so that vehicle cannot move it will become a unmaned control so that vehicle itself cannot move inside if we fix this in the regulated height on the ORR the vehicle itself cannot come in that area so we are thinking to fixing the gantry in ORR. Then we are going to approach the BMTC there are close to 3800 bus stands are there they should coopeate with BBMP and they are suppose to make bus bays now what it is happening if one or two more buses comes and stands it will become a bunching in KSRTC due to which people to have go run,girls have to run,childrens have to run,senior citizens have to run,buses have to come inside the bus bay we have to tell them to shift the bus stops which are near junctions and center roads should be shifted then to see that the congestion to be reduced.Then Ola,Uber and Autorickshaws,Ola,Uber and Autorickshaws are all public service vehicles they have not come to earn they have come to public service purpose and ctizens as soon as they sit in it where they should go it will not be decided by the Autorickshaw drivers it will be decided by the public where they need to go refusal of Autorickshaws to go for hire is a big complaint and autorickshaw drivers are very poor and have come from poor family they are in many problems we are hearing it I have also served as transport commissioner that time I was very sympathetic but children and senior citizens and women they are put to unspeakable of trauma and difficulty especially during rains.They have come to serve public if they continues in the new Motor Vehicle Act they have to pay very very costly price for this if not they should sell their auto and go for other work.If they have service minded means they can continue or if they are in criminal mind I have come to extort people means you cannot be here in fact I am even contemplating to extra penalty to these offences.likewise BMRCL reach is doing a very hard work to complete their phases and it will take sometime but during this the last mile connectivity remains a very very big issue.So for the last mile connectivity issues we are in touch up with several NGOs,how we can help through cycle passage or through electric Autorickshaws,for which we have to take a policy decision.Because due to last mile connectivity problem only you see the increasing of number of two wheelers.Now of course there is down term the four wheelers also not been bought but people transportation need how to be answered so for this we will discuss with RWA as Residents welfare association and we have to easeout several bottlenecks within policy as well as implementing to see that it is cleared and normal ordinary last man is about to be easy.Best form of morality is walking and using buses and if you go to other countries they are widening the footpaths and reducing the carriage lanes it is a penalty for you to use vehicles.It is very unfortunate that Bengaluru is cosmopolitan city we don’t have parking facility at all in any wards in other countries you have got a parking policy there even pedestrians policy also we are not addressing the requirement of parking,and not addressing the requirement of pedestrians.So I have written a letter to New BBMP Commissioner that to start the parking fee as graduated parking fee that you should compulsory collect parking fees from those who park their vehicles from morning till evening and world over parking is also another big Mafia.I don’t care if it is a mafia but people have to pay for parking their vehicles that will be a big deterent for them now hours long they park and go and remember when I was transport commissioner,Shankarlinge Gowda was our Principal Secreatery when they been to Northeast region and saw that if you have a vehicle and there is no place to park means you are liable to pay additional cost to BBMP.I will also write that if a person purchases vehicle and park it on the asphalted road means it should be considered as public passage regarding it also I am writing a letter,parking of trucks,buses,cars,if you want to purchase car then you should have a parking facility in your house otherwise don’t buy a car and park it on the road.Some people park one car in garage and one on the road,this is not acceptable this is causing inconvenience to general public so today what all we have discussed with you the bottom line is that is the Ordinary citizen of Bengaluru benefited or not just for this only we have taken this action.And I am very happy to tell this after the Janaspandana meeting we held In St.Joseph college Buses have started going inside 100% and if you want your childrens to travel by buses means better you keep your buses inside your campus,if you keep it outside because of some positive and good relationship with police officers and traffic police that is no because ordinary citizens are being affected many people doesn’t go to that roads only they avoid as it is time of school leaving and there will be traffic so many avoided these areas and lot of luxury cars and buse will be parked outside there.If your bus is coming whether it belongs to the school or it doesn’t belongs to the school it should be parked inside otherwise you shift your school to the outskirts you go and open the school there and keep some limited area because I cannot afford to inconvenience people in the CBD for your parking CBD roads are not meant for parking they are meant for quick passage to this place.In our country still we have not got that technology if any vehicle entering CBD areas and parking you should be charged extra.If you go to other countries like Bangkok,Malaysia,Singapore if you are going through the CBD area you have to pay excess the technology has not come but definitely the technology will come one day as it is not there I am desuding very much that there will be no parking on the arterial roads or this high density corridors as regards whether it is Heavy vehicle or small vehicles and the next comes to is Warehousing vehicles for the warehousing vehicles many times I have seen on both the social media and print and video media they will be posting specially in the NR Colony there is no space for parking.So whereever there is a public places you are supposed to park there only and it should not be used for the other purposes.So at the planning time only we are telling them now also we are telling them in some areas they are doing unnecessarily constructions instead of it you earmark space for Autorickshaw stand you give space to them give space for parking goods vehicles also there they should not ask to come on the main roads.Traffic is definitely a huge huge problem Bengaluru Traffic is discussed in New York and Australia everywhere saying this city is a wonderful place but traffic is problem.I reiterate that the traffic is not a problem transportation and mobility is the big problem in the Bengaluru.Because If traffic was a problem you would have not been able to leave your home and reach your office and again once again go back to your home so we don’t want this problem to escalate to such an extent that in a Bangkok where you have to take a portable toilet in your car and go because hours together roads are blocked still we have not come to this type of ectent so we will be definitely taking some hard and unpleasant decissions.I Request citizens and the well healed people of city to cooperate because I see one or two people are siting in their expensive cars and parking in prime areas so such people will be our targets to initially clear the area so that the buses gets priority.In the meeting we are going to experiment once again  about the bus transit corridor we will not take ambitious that we will do 25km,10km,we will try to do only 1km if it is successful we will try to do it 2km then I will do 3kms this type we should do people have to get ready for sudden and drastic changes  but definitely we are right for change and if does not bring change now means in coming days it is going to be a nightmare to move out of Bengaluru.So this are some of the things which I wanted to bring to your fine notice that we are going to bring small small changes in the right direction we are going to bring not large scale changes and while doing these changes if any one is being inconvenienced means they should also cooperate all the changes are made for the last and ultimate citizen of the Bengaluru.When reporter asked about what precautions are you going to give to public who drink and drive is your intention is to fine them or you will educate them as for no parking there is a board so people will come to know for citizens,Rao said we need to educate them but don’t tell me I am implementing a new offence people drink fully more than the limit and drive vehicle and then they say while our cops catch them that we did not know that we should not drink and drive means they don’t have any rights to keep a vehicle also.while giving licence and while selling the vehicle we used to them that I will obey all traffic rules I Know that drunk and drive is an offence I know no parking is an offence,i know rash driving is a offence this all we used to tell them. We are going to do ruthless implementation that itself is a lesson.How long can we do soft kind of policing by educating them it is citizens have also got a duty it is not only duty towards police they have got duty towards the city,towards other citizens also.see if you want to make this into a international city law enforcement authorities should be very very strict not brutal very strict to ensure that the rule of law prevents.When reporters said that the hefty fines is not affordable to a farmers as they earn less and if they pay hefty fines how will they survive for this Bhaskar Rao said we are not troubling in farmers and it is not our intention to trouble farmers putting a case to farmers is a last priority to us even now in the present we will not go in search of farmers and put fine to them.Most of the offenders are only two wheelers and four wheelers.He even said,Bhaskar Rao,said,The new traffic fines has been notified by the transport department as on September 3rd 2019,we need to program our devices because we are collecting fines electronically it is going on and these high fines are definitely a deterance and ordinary citizens will think twice before violating any traffic rules.Lot of public education is already gone still going on and more needs to be done which we will be doing through all the available media like social media,print stream media,video media,and various other media.These amounts are not meant for the increasing revenues but to ensure the violations are reduced.Because you can the people who are using vehicles have lost their sense of discipline and use this vehicle as an extension of their body they turn it around they fised it around stalk, climb do whatever they want.Vehicle is a object Which gives its own space and it governs some rules and regulations so the people need to respect the motor vehicle Act and obey traffic rules not only in their interest but in the interest of other road uesrs also they may own the vehicle but definitely you don’t own the roads and most time what happens a small scrimitious they stop their vehicles and start arguing and block traffic and which leads to lot of trouble to ordinary citizens.Our officers now started two things creating awareness and the next is imposing high fines.when reporters asked that some one is riding the bike and the owner is other Bhaskar Rao replied by telling who were the owner of the vehicle we will ultimately fine him for the violations committed by the rider the riders needs to have a licence the owner ensures.Why the owners we should keep blaming do citizens not have any duty towards maintaining law and order and obeying traffic rules why it is that everytime we have to beg citizens to obey rules and regulations citizens need not oblige traffic police they have duty towards other citizens also let them do that first everytime you are saying in a wine shop put a board that you will be fined are you not aware you are not suppose to be drinking you are not supposed to driving after drinking why should we I can put a cautionary note but you can’t say that you never put a notice so that’s why I didn’t know about it these are things when you are running a service you better be responsible for what it is going on why should I hold you are renting out vehice you are collecting money so you define your responsibility.There as to be understanding between while giving the vehicles at you will be held responsible for all the fines that motor vehicle infrastructure let them make out let them come from our point of view is over is the owner and has to pay the fine.When reporters said in Chandigarh they have started putting fines for the people who are siting in the rear seat and not putting seat belt for this Bhaskar Rao said see all this is meant for your own safety I sit in the rear seat and use a seat belt whenever I am traveling out of town why do you keep on questioning each and every safety aspects should I wear helmet,should I wear seat belt see it is meant for your safety the government has made this in the interest of public safety meant for preserving life you keep on arguing I will wear a small make shift helmet you may not been seeing it everyday as a police officer and doctors we see death everyday that’s why we say you wear this keep on questioning me should I wear a seat belt should I wear a helmet whom are we taking care you are taking care of your own family you better understand it don’t ask me stupid questions type like why should I wear helmets why should I wear seat belt and others if you love your family if you love your near and dearones keep you head secure keep your body secure and drive carefully and obey all traffic rules.Significant point you made in the press briefing here is that you will be writing to municipality asking them to charge people on parking fees but it obstructs in the narrow lanes Rao said of course it obstructs see you buy a house somewhere narrow lane you buy a house you buy a big car and park it on the carriage and parking is free are you not obstructing the other people so I am writing to them that you make a survey and collect money from these people charge parking fees for this people.This all service is meant for a carriage lane it is not a parking so definitely you have to pay price for parking on it.When asked about Autorickshaw drivers they charge exaboriat rates in the time of monsoon season they charge as they need,Rao said Autorickshaw drivers are poor people we have to be very careful we should terrorise at times we should be very strict and sometimes we should be kind to them because they have also borrowed money to buy autorickshaw when reporters said there is one criticism going on perhaps on the social media that this a opportunity for taking a bigger bribe he said bring it to our notice you should make a general remark I can give a general answer.On Monday after one week of fines in progress of hefty fine commissioner said,Traffic violation fines have increased geometrically and idea of this fines is not to fill the coughers of the government but to ensure that people respect the law and care for their own safety and care for other people’s safety because you have seen that due to low fine rates and shortage of police persons there is been complete anarchy and kiosk and indisciplined on the roads which all of us as citizens need to bring to order.I alone cannot do this I need the support of media.I need to the support of Resident welfare association and all the different transport related associations like Autorickshaw Association,Ola and Uber Associations,Truckers associations and others he added.