Unique initiative by BCP&Make-A-Wish Foundation,Five Kids dream come true Became Bengaluru Police Commissioner for a Day

Unique initiative by BCP&Make-A-Wish Foundation,Five Kids dream come true Became Bengaluru Police Commissioner for a Day :
“The Bengaluru police gesture was lauded on social media with netizens also praying for the health of the children”.
First time a kid was made to become Special Commissioner as Police Commissioner for a day with all the customary honours at Commissioner office.
On Monday five kids deepest wish to become a police officer came true as they were made a Bengaluru police chief for one day.
The event was facilitated by the
Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Bhaskar Rao with,Make-A-Wish foundation members as,Jayaraj,Ms.Shilpa Jayaraj,Gangadhar,Honorary Director Of Make-A-Wish India Foundation with many other volunteers and officers as,DCP,as,Dr.Ashwini,Vishnuvardhan,with Assistant PRO,Krishnappa.N,with Dog Squad,Police Band staff and others have made all the arrangements for this unique event to be success which made the child more inspired with the gesture honoured to them.
In its first of its kind a good gesture shown by Commissioner of Police Bhaskar Rao and his whole Bengaluru city police team and Make a wish foundation together made five kids of 5-10 year old kids deepest dream come true as a police officer.
They were made as one day Bengaluru Police Chief,They were dressed in police uniform and they were welcomed at Commissioner office with customary guard of honour which is given by a guard to commissioner of police everyday.
After receivig guard of honour from the guards the children met City Police Commissioner,Bhaskar Rao followed by interaction these childrens were they met the police dog squad as cannien squad then all the kids were taken upstairs to commissioner’s chamber to take charge as commissioner by changing the guard and signing papers they were made to sit on commissioner’s chair they were given walkie-talkie as wireless they were given a chance to ride in a police jeep the cops took them to command center and police control room and made them to interact with the staff how they function the control room and command center and the officers took the kids to conference room and were made to interact with the officers present the children were overjoyed to be able to see pet dogs.
These five kids are suffering from a deadly disease who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.These all the seven Children’s are taking treatment for their illness across eminent hospitals in Bengaluru.
Five kids who became one day Police Commissioner are :
1. Mohammed Saheb,11,year old resident of Vijayapura suffering from Blood Cancer.
2. Ruthan Kumar,8,year old,resident of suffering from Kidney failure.
3.Arpad Pasha,8,year old resident of Neelasandra Bengaluru,Suffering from Sickle cell.
4. Ms.Shravani Batala,8,year old resident of Ananthpura (Andhra Pradesh), suffering from Thalasmmeia.
5. Sayed Imaan,4,year old resident of Bengaluru,Suffering from BP and Kidney failure.
These children were met at the hospital by the volunteers of Make-A-Wish India.During the discussion with the volunteers,these children have shared that they have been inspired by the various movie heroes like,Alla Arjun,Salman Khan,Dr.Rajkumar,Puneeth Rajkumar,and many actresses who have played the role of an honest police officer in films.Watching their movies again and again has inspired them to grow up to be a police officer some day.Apart from this they like playing Chor-Police games with their friends,but due to their ill health they are unable to do so as often as they like.There are 600+ paediatric doctors that relief 15,000+ children diagnosed with a critical illness,mostly cancer,every year Make-A-Wish India.Doctors have shared that granting of a wish is very beneficial,as it granting experience and then does not drop out of the long and painful medical treatment says Make-A-Wish foundation.
Deepak S Bhatia,CEO,Make-A-Wish India said,Granting of an innermost cherished wish of a child has a very positive impact of the child and all the stake holders including the child’s family the doctors and all concerned.We are extremely grateful to Mr.Bhaskar Rao for the memorable experience given to these children which will help us accomplish our aim to transform lives one wish at a time”he said in a release.
They asked for small event we made it big:Bhaskar Rao.
Bhaskar Rao,Police Commissioner,said Make My wish cum through foundation had approached us about the couple of days back saying that they want to go to a police station so I invited them to the police commissioner’s office five children had come over here four boys and one girl all of them are less than 10 years age.So we made them take a guard of honour in front of the police commissioner it is a customary guard of honour everyday the guard gives to the police commissioner then they interacted with the police cannien squad and then they came upstairs and sat on the police commissioner’s chair signed small papers and after that they were given weapon a genuine weapon as well as handcuffs so that they come to feel.Every childs ambition is to wear a uniform to be a police officer so in our own small way we were able to give some service to them though they were repeatedly thanking to me but I need to thank them and such a location our own people become more sympathetic empathetic and kind and considerate towards society he added.
Gangadhar,Honorary Director,said,Make a wish works in 50 plus countries and we work primarily through volunteers.Our volunteers visit the hospital and there they the doctor recommends the child which is undergoing in a treatment for an life-threatening condition so our volunteers do some icebreakers with the children play some games with them and find out what is the deepest wish the child has in their heart.Then we work backwards and we work with the streven stake holders and see put a plan together how do we execute that wish and one of wish fulfilment today you saw where we executed.So basically this wish fulfilment will help the child to have positivity and hope in humanity it gives them the spirit to fight the deadly disease what they are battling.when asked in what stage the students now,Gangadhar said,See these are children who are battling a disease and most see childhood cancer is mostly curable.This children will get over a period of time will get well so this children’s as you saw they are walking and talking,and smiling they are not terminally ill.So they are battling the deadly disease and undergoing the treatment so we will not be having information in which stage and things like that which is irrelevant in this case but they are going through a treatment for a deadly disease.When asked how many kids have come today for this Gangadhar said see in India there are lakhs of children fighting this disease today we fulfilled the wish of five children who wanted to be a police officer for a day.When asked how do you work on this through volunteers or what for this he said.Anybody who is interested to be volunteer their time we are more than welcome to take them as an volunteer we will trained them what is required how to talk to the children and then we will assign them to the couple of hospitals which we work with in those hospitals they will go talk to the children and identify the deepest wish and they will come back and fill some tools what we give them basis which we will keep identifying every week how many we can identify based on the resources what we have people money and things like that and we will go and fullfil this issues.When asked the kids belongs to which state for this he said these most of this kids we don’t look at which state they belong we look at which hospital we visit for example we go to Kidwai hospital or Indira Gandhi hospital we don’t look at differentiate whethere they are from which state irrespective of which state most of them will some of them might be from Karnataka,Some of them must be from West Bengal,people come for treatment from different cities so we do not really know from which state they belong depends on the hospital where they are taking treatment is the parameter for us.While executing this service what are the major challenges you face,he said,one of the biggest challenges we face today is getting a volunteer,second thing is many times the children’s wishes are like you know to meet some celebrity so always reaching out to a celebrity is a challenge we will always go through our personnel connections and talk to multiple people to get an celebrity or let say in the case of police commissioner he was very glad and accepted but we want more people like that to come forward and help these little children to leave their dream and also inspire them to become what they want to become he added.