Expose your hidden music talent to the world; Find your way in PRS

binod takiawala

Washington DC, 4th August 2019: Music is not just a piece of art, music is an emotion. An emotion, that comes out in the form of chords. For the people who are capable to let out their emotions by playing with the notes and beats; PRS Music welcomes all those talents. PRS Music is a venture of PR Solution (PRS) Global.

The World’s largest press conference provider group, PR Solution (PRS) Global is in its way to launch the World’s No.1 online music platform company, offering services to both musicians and clients.

The company will provide a huge platform to launch the unknown artists in national and international level, allowing them to step into the 60 international countries for concerts and shows, promoting them in mass media, launching their own albums and songs, providing them mentorship from the known singers and musicians of the world, availing them support of things, collaborating with world’s best music companies, protecting the artists’ intellectual rights, valuing the artists’ talent by organizing reward functions and fan meets.

 ‘Music has the power to heal everything. PRS Music is aiming to provide a global platform where talented music artists can prove their inner talents and find a place of their own among the crowd. With the converging world, the entertainment industry has also found its audience globally. PRS Music offers those talented artists to reach people with their art’, said S Vijay Kumar, Founder of PRS Music.

‘PRS Music aims at providing youngsters a huge platform where they can showcase their hidden music talents by performing at international stages. They will also get the chance to perform at the concert shows internationally. PRS Music will help the young singers, musicians and lyricists to acquire name and fame internationally’, he added.

Dr Ranjan Kumar, Board of Director said “ PRS Music not only targets the young talents but also connects them to the production companies and corporate who are willing to purchase the artists’ works or borrow their company artists’ to perform on the events and programs.

Vishnu Khanna, Chief Advisor, PR Solution (PRS) Global said, ‘PRS Music is an initiative to discover new talents in the music industry who can perform their best if given proper guidance and platform. The company aims to provide a platform for young performers and musicians to showcase their inner talent to the world.’

Rapidly, PRS Music is going to become the preferred choice of millions of music lovers across the globe, who are delighted to be empowered by a few clicks.