Importance of Self-Love for Mental Wellness’ at Happiness Studio’

binod takiawla
The happiness studio, a center for psychological and psychiatric well-being located in Vasant Kunj, organized a special session on self-love for the importance of a person’s well-being guided by Dr. Bhavna Barmi, an internationally renowned clinical and child psychologist and relationship therapist along her team of counsellors. “The vision of the workshop was to help people understand the issues of perception of the ‘self’ and start living a life that is not a reflection of others, but a reflection of our authentic self’’.
The meet had four interactive segments:
Discover Myself – Knowing yourself because that is the first step in this journey
See Myself – Allowing more of the inner, real you to be seen, and accepting that’s good enough
Express Myself – Letting out loud your fears, insecurities, things that make your heart beat and more
Love Myself – Envisioning your future self, hoping the best for yourself and blessing yourself with every happiness
More than 100 participants attended the workshop along with a skype session for clients around the globe. We welcome all the participants to the journey of Self Love, valuing their own well- being and overall happiness. . The team of Happiness Studio had collaborated activities for each segment so as to allow people to experience happiness, positivity and peace with their inner self. The deeply personalized approach supported the participant in their journey to self-awareness and find meaning and purpose and discover ways to fulfillment.
Established in 2018, Happiness Studio is a culmination of Dr. Bhavna Barmi’s 25 plus years of experience in the field of psychology. A center for psychological and psychiatric well-being, Happiness Studio focuses on creating and offering effective ways to help people heal, transform and thrive. The center houses a therapeutic space that integrates nature-based immersions and experiences, and expressive or non-talk based therapies such as narrative, music, dance, movement, art-based and occupational therapies into an allied approach to treat a broad range of chronic mental health issues, which were also used in the session today.
Dr. Bhavna Barmi is an internationally accredited mental health professional, author, lecturer and public speaker with an extensive experience spanning over 25 years in the field of psychology. Dr. Barmi is the head of Psychological Services at the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. She is the co- director of Mind Track and co-founder of Psycare, two of India’s premier mental health centers and co-founder of a one of a kind pet wellness center called Pawsome. She is a trained hypnotherapist, a NPL Master Practitioner and a certified advanced life coach. She has received many national and international awards, and has presented research papers/ posters at various world- wide conferences. The vision of Dr. Barmi is “to create innovative yet scientifically – proven forms of therapy and healing as a part of a holistic approach to good mental health balance and wellbeing. By incorporating nature and art into mental health care, were heading even closer to realizing our mission of improving emotional health and happiness around the world.”