Film Maker Rima Das retains her regional identity as she wears Assamese Saree (Mekhela Chaddar) by Renowned Designer Tara Bhuyan at the Cannes Film Festival

Nishit Priya

New Delhi, 30th May 2019

Award-winning filmmaker Rima Das recounted her Cannes 2019 experience by saying, “This year’s visit to the Cannes Film Festival has been all about exploration and learning.” She really enjoyed the experience, while also asserting that at a global stage, an important aspect to focus on is retaining your regional identity and not getting lost in the crowd. In such spirit, Rima thanked designer Tara Bhuyan for the beautiful and elegant Mekhela Chaddar, a traditional Assamese Saree that she wore at the Cannes Film Festival.

Rima added about her  Cannes experience, “I caught a lot of movies, and loved some of them, especially those by the women filmmakers. My favorite movies at the festival were Mati Diop’s Atlantics and the movies by masters Terrence Malick (A Hidden Life) and Bong Jun Ho (Parasite).” Rima was also part of some panel discussions, including the one on regional cinema in India, organized by the Government of India. Rima also said “I feel that being a woman filmmaker, the responsibility to hold my ground and assert my identity is very strong, and I try to do it full justice on my part.”

Rima thanked Tara Bhuyan for the beautiful traditional attire and said, “Thank you Tara for the Mekhla Chaddar, which is such a beautiful representation of my Assamese heritage and culture. It’s so heartening to see that you, living far away from home in Toronto, have made the efforts, in your own way, to empower the women weavers in Assam by reaching out to them and sourcing your material from them. These women, who need our support, have found a champion in you. I feel really proud and happy to be part of your initiative. It’s a privilege” addsRima Das.